'Daisy Jones & The Six' Sneak Peek: Daisy and Billy Face Off in Front of the Press (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive first look at this week’s episodes.

Daisy Jones & The Six heads for the press this week! Prime Video's beloved-but-troubled bandmates try to keep up a united front while taking questions from reporters in ET's exclusive first look at this week’s episodes. 

Last week's installments ended just before the band released their album, Aurora, which Daisy (Riley Keough) and Billy (Sam Claflin) cowrote amid their contentious collaboration. The tension between them peaked when Billy kissed Daisy in the parking lot outside their recording studio and now carries into this week's release as well. 

"Why are you asking me about my clothes, man?" Daisy tells a reporter who inquires about the designers behind her coat and shoes. "I mean why don't you ask Billy about that dumb looking shirt he has on," she adds with a smile. 

The two are seated apart from one another, and Daisy casts a glance down the table of band members to smile at Billy as she makes the joke. Only the two of them are caught by the camera's focus. 

The reporter continues by quoting the band's song, "More Fun To Miss." He asks about the inspiration for the song's lyric, "more fun to miss than to be with," which many believe refers to Daisy. 

"Aw come on man, they're just songs," Billy says. 

"No song is ever just a song," Daisy retorts, and the room murmurs in response. 

At this, guitarist Eddie (Josh Whitehouse) asks the room: "Are you guys going to ask us any questions?"

The band has struggled since its inception to find their footing beneath Billy and Daisy's captivating star power, and Eddie's resentment is a throughline for the show. When the reporters ignore his question, instead asking Daisy and Billy, "What's going on with the two of you?" Billy attempts to distract by joking, "Who, Eddie and me?"

Much like the show's first six episodes, Billy fails in his attempt to direct focus away from Daisy. Instead, a soft spoken reporter in the back of the room asks, "Do you still think Daisy is a headcase?" 

"That’s not what I said," Billy responds, though the reporter tells him she has it in writing. Billy then embarks on an attempt to explain why the band has opted not to play "Look At Us Now," Daisy and Billy's first collaboration, on their upcoming tour. 

"It's a great song, but we're a different band now, and we have lots of great songs," Billy says. He tries to continue, but Daisy interrupts him, telling the press pool "that’s not the reason" before the group's manager ends the press conference, and the band leaves the table. 

Daisy Jones & The Six premieres its 7th and 8th episodes this week, after sweeping the world off of its feet with its first two installments. Aurora, available on streaming platforms everywhere, has also captivated the show's real-life audiences as much as it did the band's 1970s onscreen fans. 

"All of us were actually, like, pretty nervous and being pretty silly, to be honest," cast member Suki Waterhouse told ET of the band's initial rehearsals. Show stars Keough and Claflin had no musical experience before their casting. 

“I mean it is pretty amazing,” Keough said of the training she and her team undertook. "We really came from not being able to play anything on a guitar or sing to having a full record going out." 

Keough told ET she and Claflin trained for around a year before beginning filming. 

Waterhouse added that the group "played a gig together in front of the whole crew" for practice before completing the record. "It was nerve racking but, like, a really great experience to be able to get that under our belt before we started," she said. 

Will the real-life group go on tour like their fictional counterparts? 

"A hundred percent. All of us are so down for the tour," Waterhouse said. Of course, should they head out on tour, their press conferences are probably prone to less drama. 

Daisy Jones & The Six premieres episodes 7 and 8 on Friday on Prime Video.