Daisy Ridley Reacts to Rumors That She's Engaged to Tom Bateman

Daisy Ridley
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In a new interview, Daisy Ridley was asked about the rumors that she's engaged to her Murder on the Orient Express co-star Tom Bateman -- and she offered a coy response.

The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker star covers the latest issue of Marie Claire's Holiday Issue and in the accompanying interview, she was asked about the diamond ring she's been wearing on her left ring finger, stating, "It's a really nice ring that I wear… Oh my God. It's the first time I've publicly been asked this one."

Ridley later added: "The thing is, I've never talked about my personal life. So I won't talk about it now. I'm so aware of how much information about my life is out there, so if there's one thing I don't want to talk about..."

During the interview, the 27-year-old Brit shared that The Rise of Skywalker, which arrives in theaters on Dec. 20, is her favorite outing as Rey, the hero of the new Star Wars films.

"The third one for me was the best. It's a big film for everyone," she shared. "I did all of the emotions: I did frowns, I did smiles, it was the sort of biggest breadth, and I think that's also why I had such a good time, because I got to do so much s**t-like, physically, emotionally-and I got to work with so many people."
She added: "It's the first time I've filmed more confident because I feel like there was nothing else I could've done."

Her comments echo what she discussed with ET at Star Wars Celebration in April, where she opened up about her character's self-assuredness with her abilities as well as the time jump that will be involved when the new film begins.

"The confidence level is higher, I would say, but also, there's a lot to learn in Star Wars world, so even with a time jump, you could never fit in all of the learning that anyone needs to do into that time," she said. "So, there's growth and there's also room for growth."

Ridley also touched upon her character's relationships with Poe (Oscar Isaac) and Finn (John Boyega) in the films, emphasizing friendship over a romantic storyline.

"The thing for me that was always really exciting is I never felt like there was a specified sort of love that we were portraying. So the relationship between Finn, Rey and Poe in this one, I felt amazing. It's friendship, it's family, and it's just a lovely sort of thing," Ridley shared. "I also think that's nice in a film way to not necessarily have an overt 'This is friendship. This is love.' It's just all a beautiful collection of people."

Ridley's issue of Marie Claire hits newsstands on Nov. 21.

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