'Dance Moms' OGs Dish on Parenting, Fame, Drama and More on New Podcast (Exclusive)

Melissa Gisoni, Holly Hatcher-Frazier, Kelly Hyland and Jill Vertes are teaming up for 'Because Mom Said So,' launching Oct. 8.

The OG Dance Moms are ready to dish about all things motherhood on their new podcast!

The former stars of the Lifetime reality dance show have stayed close over the years, and now they're teaming up for a brand new podcast, Because Mom Said Sowhere they'll tackle everything from parenting to holidays to the madness of 2020.

Ahead of their launch on Oct. 8, Melissa Gisoni (mother of Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler), Holly Hatcher-Frazier (mother of Nia Sioux), Kelly Hyland (mother of Brooke Hyland and Paige Hyland), and Jill Vertes (mother of Kendall Vertes) sat down with ET's Jesse Goddard to dish on their new collaboration. 

"The moms, we've had such a great bond together. Our girls still have an amazing bond and so do we," Gisoni shares. "We thought it'd be really fun to get together and do a project."

"Whenever we meet fans their biggest thing is, 'Oh, I wish you were my mom!' Or, 'I wish my mom was like you!'" Hyland notes. "This gives them an opportunity to text us and stuff if they have questions. And as moms, we can answer them for them."

"And I also think a lot of our fans and followers are invested in us, and they're invested in our kids' lives," Hatcher-Frazier adds. "They watched them grow up and they've grown up with our kids. I think a lot of people are just interested in how we think and what we say and our opinions and our views."

"We're not the same women that we were when we were on the cast of Dance Moms. And there's just so much growth in our relationships with each other, but [also] as women. We wanna share that with people and people are interested. And we thank them for that."

Their podcast will tackle topics from "womanhood to motherhood and everything in between," Hatcher-Frazier previews. "[For] young moms-to-be or those who are well into motherhood, it's [looking at the] whole idea, what does it mean to be a woman and be part of a sisterhood and rally around each other. Really, no topics are off limits with us, as usual. Life, health, food, fashion, kids -- we like to give advice and we like to tell stories."

"Everybody has different aged kids, and it's nice to have a shoulder, someone to tell stuff to and bounce things off of," Vertes notes of her fellow moms. "They will never steer me wrong."

They'll share plenty of stories from their own lives -- including the family members who didn't become Dance Moms-famous. "A lot of people don't know we have other kids!" Hatcher-Frazier laughs.

"I think it's nice that people get to see, you know, the real us," Gisoni adds. "Our kids have grown up in the spotlight. And just to show they're normal. All of our kids are such normal human beings. They're kind, they help one another out. I mean, after all these years, it's pretty amazing."

And of course, there will be plenty of talk about the show that brought them all together. "As my husband would say, we've got a lot to say!" Vertes laughs. 

"If I was on the show now, it wouldn't be good," Gisoni admits. "I probably would be kicked off the show. I've definitely changed... I'm so much stronger now than I ever have been."

"We can't deny what we went through and we can't hide from it, from anything that went on," Vertes adds. "We're gonna learn from it and move on, and now we have this friendship and we've got so much to say and so many stories and big things going on."

Ultimately, the moms say, the show will be a fun look for fans into their lives and the support system between the Dance Moms alumnae that continues to this day.

"We are always here for each other, which is great," Gisoni notes. "Like, if I ever needed one of the moms, I know I can call and say, 'Oh my gosh, I need help with this,' -- and that's how we are for each other, and so are our girls. Our girls are always there for each other and it's pretty darn fabulous."


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