'Dancing With the Stars' Season 25, Week 7 Recap: Best Lifts, Kicks, Tricks and Flips!


ET's dance expert breaks down all the best choreography moments in the ballroom Monday night!

Dancing With the Stars' Halloween night was filled with plenty of entertaining treats -- along with one, shocking trick.

At the end of the show, two pairs were sent home in a surprise double elimination: Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev and Vanessa Lachey & Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Now, only six couples remain and will move forward into week eight of the competition. But first, ET's breaking down all the memorable choreography moments from week seven of the competition -- and what the celebs need to do in order to avoid elimination!

Victoria Arlen & Val Chmerkovskiy -- Viennese Waltz, "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron

Dance highlight: Absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end! Victoria has been a strong dancer since week one of the competition, but continues to improve week after week. This is arguably the most graceful she's looked in the ballroom yet -- she's light on her feet, her extensions are breathtaking and that attitude spin at the 0:53 mark was near perfect. Stunning!
Judges' score: 27/30.
ET's score: 28/30. They were in jeopardy last week, and again this week. If #TeamViVa is going to stay in the competition, they're going to need your votes! We thought Val really stepped it up with the choreography this week, and imagine he'll do the same in the weeks moving forward. As for Victoria, we just want her to continue what she's been doing... and surprise us with new tricks!
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Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold -- Paso Doblé, "Animals" by Martin Garrix

Dance highlight: Lindsay's choreography is always creative and entertaining, and this routine was no exception. Jordan's movements were clean, sharp, hitting every beat, and yet again it was hard to tell who was the celeb and who was the pro! Our favorite moments? 0:30, 0:44, 1:00 and 1:04.
Judges' score: 30/30.
ET's score: 30/30. As judge Len Goodman said, he's being tougher with Jordan than any other contestant this season... and that's because he's truly a star! Our only advice for Jordan is to stay focused and consistent, and keep up the hard work in rehearsals. He's wowed us since week one, and we already know he'll bring that same energy and commitment to the table next week. 
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Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke -- Tango, "Super Freak" by Rick James

Dance highlight: Super freaky, and slightly silly... we loved this routine! Cheryl actually performed to this song when she was partnered with Drew Carey in season 18, but we thought #TeamGetchaPopcorn danced it way better. It was fun and engaging, and showcased Terrell's best performance quality: his personality! Watch the entire dance in order to get the full effect.
Judges' score: 25/30.
ET's score: 26/30. Terrell and Cheryl have quite the height difference, but over time, they've been able to work on their frame and make it WERK. We thought this was one of T.O.'s strongest dances yet, but we do want to see more from him during week eight. With his trio dance, we'd love to see some lifts. Make it happen, Cheryl!
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Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas -- Paso Doblé, "Roundtable Rival" by Lindsey Stirling

Dance highlight: Once again, Mark's choreography continues to wow us, while Lindsey's skills had us on the edge of our seats. Her most powerful moments occurred at 0:19 and 1:22, high, arched-back kicks that are not easy to master.
Judges' score: 27/30. 
ET's score: 29/30. This may not have been Lindsey's strongest dance, but we give her so much credit for working through her pain, coming out on the dance floor and giving it her all. She's committed and clearly in it to win it -- if that was ever a question, this week proved that! Our advice for Lindsey? REST UP. And come back next week with a routine that blows us away.
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Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson -- Contemporary, "Every Breath You Take" by Chase Holfelder

Dance highlight: Contemporary dances are always the most fun to watch on DWTS and we thought this routine was one of the best pieces all night. From Frankie perfectly mirroring Witney's movements at the beginning of the number, to the lift at 0:43 and his jump at 1:00, THIS is the kinda performance we want to see from these two the rest of the competition.
Judges' score: 30/30.
ET's score: 30/30. This was #TeamFranneyPack's first perfect score, and we thought it was well-deserved! After last week's shaky routine, we were hoping Frankie would make a comeback and he exceeded our expectations with this one. He may not be the best technical dancer in the competition, but his passion is undeniable and we love that about him! Next week, however, we are hoping to see more advanced choreography. We think Frankie is ready for it.
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Drew Scott & Emma Slater -- Charleston, "Remains of the Day" by Danny Elfman

Dance highlight: If there ever was a dance for Drew, this one was it. It was quirky and energetic and we thought Emma did a great job creating this piece for the Property Brothers star. Like T.O.'s dance, it's impossible to pick just one highlight -- you need to watch the whole thing!
Judges' score: 27/30.
ET's score: 26/30. Although the judges didn't seem to catch it, we couldn't help but notice the slight mishap when both Emma and Drew fell to the ground. Dancing in fog is not easy -- the residue actually makes the floor quite slippery! -- but it wouldn't be fair if we didn't dock a point for the mistake. Moving forward, we have the same advice for Drew as we have for Frankie: #TeamHotProperty needs to bring out more difficult skills next week! It's week eight and the competition is heating up.
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