Daniel Craig Discovers Another Thrombey Family Secret in This 'Knives Out' Deleted Scene (Exclusive)

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Most of the Thrombey family's deep, dark secrets are unearthed by the end of director Rian Johnson's Oscar-nominated whodunit, Knives Out. But there's one member of the extended brood who manages to stay out of the fray: Riki Lindhome's Donna, wife to Michael Shannon's Walt Thrombey.

Until now, that is. In this Knives Out deleted scene, exclusively debuting on ET, Donna returns home to find a scary-looking stranger waiting on her porch. Dropping her groceries, Donna pleads and promises to pay back money to no avail -- until Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc shows up just in the nick of time. 

Except he's got more bad news for her.

"I'm here to press you on something uncomfortable," Detective Blanc informs Donna in the clip. "I checked the hospital logs from Walt's bicycle accident. You admitted him 12 days ago at three in the morning -- not prime bicycling time -- so, I did a little digging. Now, it's possible he was shot in the leg while on a bicycle, but at the very least, y'all buried the lead."

Not unlike other Thrombey misdeeds, this one involves a cover-up, unresolved debts and a bullet. As it were, being fired by his late father wasn't the only reason Walt was so dismayed about losing his job as CEO of the family's publishing house. He's deep in the hole to bad people. (This also seemingly explains why Walt is wearing a walking cast and has a cane in the movie.)

"I know Walt is in big trouble. But if he's done something worse to try to fix it or is going to do something worse..." Blanc begins, though quickly realizes he may be too late: "Where is Walt now?"

Knives Out is available digitally now and arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on Feb. 25.

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