Daniel Craig Starts Bleeding During Interview, Jokes 'This Is 17 Years Playing Bond'

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Daniel Craig's years of playing James Bond have desensitized him to injuries. During Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, the 53-year-old action star was shocked to learn he'd done the whole 25-minute interview while bleeding from his head.

The moment happened at the end of Craig's chat with his Skyfall co-star, Javier Bardem.

Bardem inquired, "Let me ask you, my friend, as the last question, what happened to you here?" As 52-year-old Bardem pointed to Craig's head to indicate the mark on the other actor's face, Craig questioned, "Did I bash my head? Have I just got sandwich on my head? Have I done this whole interview [with that]?"

Craig quickly left the frame to go look in a mirror and was heard exclaiming, "Oh my God, you're right."

Through hysterical laughter, Craig explained that the injury was caused by a mishap with a ring light and an iPad.

"They've sent me this wonderful ring flash, which I've set up with an iPad in the middle of it," he told Bardem, before noting that, when he was setting up the gadget, his iPad "fell on my head just before the interview."

"This is 17 years playing Bond," Craig quipped of his iconic character." Can you see how accident prone I am? No wonder I get f**king injured every time I do a movie... If I don't get injured when I'm filming I'm not doing it properly."

Craig wrapped his time as 007 with the release of No Time to Die last year. When ET's Rachel Smith spoke to Craig in October, the actor reflected on his 15-year tenure as the MI6 agent.

"I am very proud of what we have done. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity the last 16 years. What happens in the future, it just feels like it is going to take 15 years to unpack all of this, to figure out what what just happened," he told ET. "Sometimes it was a slog, it has gone like that [snaps his fingers]."

"I have changed immeasurably since I began this in my professional life, and in my personal life," he added. "... I try to self-examine a little bit. It's given me a confidence that I didn't have when I started off, this confidence to sort of try and make the best of what you have and make the best movies you can. That is all I have ever tried to do [with] these films."


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