Daniel Craig Couldn't Stop Staring at This Royal During 'No Time to Die' Premiere

The 'No Time to Die' cast was seated in the royal box at the Royal Albert Hall premiere.

While the royals were busy watching the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die, the film's leading man, Daniel Craig, was busy watching them! Craig was a guest on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, and discussed sitting in the royal box during the world premiere of the film at London's Royal Albert Hall earlier this month. Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Charles, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, all attended the event

"We were all in the royal box... I sat next to Camilla and [Prince] Charles," he recalled.

Craig, who finished his time as 007 with No Time to Die, said he was very focused throughout the screening on watching the audience for their reactions. 

"I'm quite occupied watching the audience, yeah, because I'm kind of nervous and I want to see what [they think]," he admitted. Among the audience members was Prince Charles. 

"So Prince Charles is sitting there and you're just kind of looking over at him?" Kimmel asked. 

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Universal Pictures

"Yeah, I kind of want to see that he hasn't left," Craig said, miming leaning over. 

"That must have been a relaxing experience for him. 'Bond keeps looking at me, I want to check my texts, what's going on here? When am I going to be king already? Am I going to knight this guy?'" Kimmel joked of Charles' train of thought. 

As for whether he'd receive a knighthood for his James Bond role as previous 007s have, Craig said, "It's very nice, but I think there's lots of people who deserve it way more than I do."

Craig wasn't the only one invading the royals' personal space. Rami Malek told Kimmel earlier this week that he previously offered to babysit for William and Kate, a suggestion that caught the duchess off-guard. 

"That seems quite forward to me," Craig said of his No Time to Die co-star's offer. "I don't remember him being muscled off anywhere at any point, so maybe they made a deal. I don't know. He's very charming though, so he probably worked around it."

In addition to Craig watching the royals during the premiere, Malek told ET's Rachel Smith that he was keeping an eye on the family to see their reaction to the action flick. 

"I got to gauge their reaction from their body language," he said. "Definitely not going to put words in their mouths, but yeah they seemed pretty taken aback by the film."   

Malek, who has met the royals several times, also told ET that he has a special approach when speaking to them. 

"For me, I just try to treat them like I would anybody else," Malek said. "I'm sure a dose of normality is probably something that is quite refreshing to them."  

No Time to Die hits theaters Friday, Oct. 8.