Darcey and Stacey Silva's Go-To Products for Their Glamorous Makeup Looks (Exclusive)

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The reality TV twins share their tips and beauty staples for ET's 'Unfiltered.'

Darcey and Stacey Silva are revealing the beauty secrets behind their glowy twin glam. The reality TV stars of 90 Day Fiancé and their new series, Darcey & Stacey, are walking us through their makeup routine, while getting real about plastic surgery and their beauty evolution for ET's Unfiltered.

"Honestly, my makeup routine lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, tops, and since quarantine, I love the Darcey glow," Darcey says.

"I'm pretty much the same. Usually I like to do the glam look as much as possible, but during quarantine, I keep it natural and dewy and fresh," Stacey agrees.

"There's never enough makeup. We love makeup -- that snatched, contoured glam look," Stacey adds.

First, the twin sisters prep their skin with the Total Therapy Repair Complex serum from their lifestyle brand House of Eleven's collaboration with Daily Defense. They combine this with the Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir face oil, which they apply in an upward motion and massage into their skin with facial massage tools to achieve a glowy base.

Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir – 24k Gold Infused Beauty Oil

Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir – 24k Gold Infused Beauty Oil

Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir – 24k Gold Infused Beauty Oil

Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir Oil is said to be infused with 24k gold, which made it a social media sensation. It's also made with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids along with Rosehip seed oil to help boost brightness. It also contains vitamin C and vitamin A to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and discoloration.


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Stacey and Darcey are twins, but their skin needs differ. Stacey opens up about her struggles with vitiligo, a skin condition in which pigment-producing cells stop functioning, and how she has embraced it over the years.

"One thing that is actually different about me and Darcey is that I was diagnosed with vitiligo," Stacey reveals. "You know, growing up it was difficult because I would get teased for it. It's on my face. You can kind of see. It's in the shape of a triangle and it goes into my eyebrow."

"I forget that I have vitiligo, but it's made me who I am. It's made me a stronger woman and I embrace it now," she adds. 

The twins then use Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops to reduce redness in the eyes for a more radiant, alert look.

"I'm on the contour part. I like to do a little glow, so I like to add a little elixir, gold elixir," Darcey says. "It kind of hides the imperfection, especially if you haven't got any filters or botox lately 'cause I sure need some." 

Darcey uses a brush to dab the face oil she previously used on the cheeks and top of her shoulders. She then spritzes herself and Stacey with the Sol de Janeiro SOL Cheirosa ’62 Eau de Parfum.

"Sometimes you gotta spray the décolletage," Stacey says on where to spray perfume -- her travel essential. "You wanna do your hair sometimes. Your legs just because it gets hot and sweaty when you're running around or like in a hot airport or a plane for a long time or in a car."

Next up is bronzer to really enhance the glow. The twins apply the Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream and Tom Ford Soleil Glow Bronzer on the cheeks, forehead and chin.

Darcey then applies the Tom Ford Illuminating Highlight Pen on the cheeks which "gives you that snatched look," top of the nose, inner corners of the eyes and underneath the brows "to give you that arch" before setting it with the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. For eyeshadow, she uses the Laura Mercier Boheme Chic Eye Clay Palette.

Darcey takes the Pat McGrath Labs Liquid Eyeliner to create a sharp cat eye on the upper lash line. It takes her a couple of tries to get it perfect, and we can relate!

"See, mistakes happen. Start all over. Like past relationships, you kind of just rub it off, let it go and start all over again. Start fresh, you know? 'Cause if you really want something that's meant to be, you just wing it out and you wing it good," Darcey explains.

As twins, Darcey and Stacey do almost everything together, including getting plastic surgery.

"When Stacey and I go do our cosmetic procedures, we really feel excited we get to do it together," Darcey says. "We're petite. We're 5'2" and weight comes on easy at times so we have to really be careful, and after the tummy tuck, I feel so much better. You feel lighter. Yeah, we got new boobs. They're about the same size. The doctor did it in tandem. One went first, then the other. They always got a chuckle about that -- all our doctors."

"We don't want to look too different since we are twins, so if we went to different doctors, it probably wouldn't have made sense, so it's always best to go together," she adds.

The twins also share the evolution of their personal beauty journey.

"For me, perception of beauty started at a young age," Stacey says. "I feel like it started with the women in our family, and since then I've learned to love myself and I've learned to accept my flaws and embrace them."

"I think both of our journeys with beauty is inspiring because, you know, we did get teased as kids," Darcey adds. "We love ourselves. It doesn't matter the outside. It's really the inside 'cause that exudes more than just, you know, makeup and your face. So we are here to, you know, make people smile and know that no matter how bad you're feeling or you're in a bad relationship, you can stay strong and empowered, and never let anyone take your power away."

After applying the House of Eleven Silva Twin Eyelash for their glamorous looks, the twins apply a hint of highlight on the cupid's bow using the Chanel Multi-Use Glow Stick. The blondes finish their routine by swiping on lip glosses from their brand -- Twin Glow Lip Gloss Wand and Twin Glow Squeeze Lip Gloss.

"One of the most beautiful things about Stacey is that she has a beautiful, giving heart. You know, she's always a giver, especially when it comes to her sons," Darcey states. "They're amazing boys, very super talented, and it's all love there. Just like I have the two daughters, she has the two sons and I see her lighting up when she's around Mateo and Parker, and the kids are growing up together beautifully and we're very blessed for that. The kids really just make us shine bright."

"Darcey is the most beautiful -- you know what -- it might sound the same, but you know her heart," Stacey responds. "She really has a big heart. She's a big giver and you know what, I just love that she's genuine and real."

"No other way to be," Darcey concludes.