Dave Coulier Recalls 1st Time He Heard Alanis Morissette's 'You Oughta Know,' Why It Might Be About Him

Dave Coulier
Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

The unnamed ex-boyfriend in Alanis Morissette's iconic single "You Oughta Know" has long been a source of fan speculation, with Full House alum Dave Coulier being the most often suggested candidate. As it turns out, Coulier was among those who believed that particular fan theory.

The actor recently sat down for an episode on the SiriusXM show Jim Norton & Sam Roberts, and he reflected on hearing the song on the radio for the first time back when it first came out in 1995.

"I'm driving in Detroit and I've got my radio on, and I hear the hook for ‘You Oughta Know’ come on the radio. And I'm like, wow, this is a really cool hook," Coulier recalled. "Then I start hearing the voice. I'm like, wow, this girl can sing. And I had no idea, you know, that this was the record."

"And then I was listening to the lyrics going, "Ooh, oh no! Oh, I can't be this guy,'" he added with a laugh.

Coulier and Morissette reportedly dated briefly in the early '90s, and their romance and subsequent split has often fueled the rumors that her anthemic breakup tune was actually about him. Morissette has long declined to elaborate on the inspiration, and Coulier has gone back and forth regarding whether or not he thinks he's the ex mentioned in the song.

"I parked on a street and I listened to the whole record. And there was a lot of familiar stuff in there that her and I had talked about," Coulier reflected. "So I started listening to it and I thought, 'Ooh, I think I may have really hurt this woman.'"

Coulier said that, several years later, he and Morissette reconnected, "And she couldn't have been sweeter."

"I'll tell you the kind of person she is. When my sister Sharon was dying with cancer, Alanis was living in Toronto. My sister was in Detroit. She actually drove to Detroit with her guitar and sat with my sister playing songs and singing to my sister in the hospital. That's the kind of human being she is," Coulier shared. "So I've never had anything bad to say about her. She's lovely."


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