Dave Coulier Shares Never-Before-Seen Photos of Him and Bob Saget: 'I Wish I Could Lean on You Right Now'

The actor reminisced about his late friend and 'Full House' co-star by posting a series of pics.

Dave Coulier is remembering his longtime friend, Bob Saget, with a series of never-before seen photos of them together.

The Full House star took to Instagram on Thursday and posted five photos showing them in the early years of their friendship. In the first photo, a young Saget has his arm wrapped around Coulier. Their goofy side is on full display in the second photo, which shows them wearing women's clothing. The duo famously dressed up as women in the "Fraternity Reunion" episode during season 3 of Full House

The third picture shows an even younger Saget holding his glasses and sporting his trademark moppy hair. The fourth picture features Coulier riding a cart with Saget riding shotgun during a round of golf. The final photo shows their bios from a program from a 1992 comedy show. Coulier also attached the ticket stubs from that night.

Coulier, a fan favorite on the show who made kids and grownups alike laugh with his spot-on impressions, captioned the photos, writing, "I met Bob when I was 18 years old. I didn’t know then that two, struggling standup comics would end up being brothers forever. I wish I could lean on you right now through all these tears. I love you."

Coulier also posted 12 pictures on his Instagram Story, the first of which shows him cuddling up next to Saget. He captioned it, "This was my happy place. Snuggling up next to Bob and goofing around. I'll never let go." He also added a broken-heart emoji.

Saget died last weekend in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. He was 65.

Dave Coulier / Instagram

The touching tribute to the late comedian is the latest in a series of tributes from Saget's on-screen family. John Stamos recently shared that he wasn't "ready to accept that" his "brother" is gone. Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse, also released a statement on behalf of the entire cast earlier this week. 

"Thirty-five years ago, we came together as a TV family, but we became a real family. And now we grieve as a family. Bob made us laugh until we cried. Now our tears flow in sadness, but also with gratitude for all the beautiful memories of our sweet, kind, hilarious, cherished Bob," read the statement. "He was a brother to us guys, a father to us girls and a friend to all of us. Bob, we love you dearly. We ask in Bob’s honor, hug the people you love. No one gave better hugs than Bob. ~ John, Dave, Candace, Jodie, Lori, Andrea, Scott, Jeff, Ashley and Mary-Kate."

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