‘Dawson’s Creek’ Cast Reunites 20 Years Later: See Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek and More!

The cast reunited for a cover story for ‘Entertainment Weekly.’

So open up your morning light and say a little prayer for a Dawson’s Creek reunion!

The stars of the beloved ‘90s coming-of-age series reunite for the new Entertainment Weekly cover story, which is being released a few months after the 20th anniversary of the show's premiere.

Leads Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams join co-stars Busy Philipps, Kerr Smith, Meredith Monroe and Mary Beth Peil for the feature. This marks one of the first times the entire cast has all been together since the series ended in 2003.

The leading men and women of Dawson's Creek all got their own individual covers for the special issue, with real-life best friends Williams, who portrayed Jen Lindley, and Philipps, who played Audrey Liddell, posing together.

“I remember loving the script,” Van Der Beek -- who played Dawson Leery -- says of his first impressions of the show in an accompanying PeopleTV video. “I remember thinking everybody was amazing, the actors were perfectly cast, thinking, ‘Wow, this is great.’ But I think it would have been weird to have any expectation that it would blow up in the way it did."

"I think we were just excited about…,” he trails off.

“Being employed!” Jackson, who played Pacey Witter, chimes in. “I was stoked to have a job.”

The cast also remarks on Dawson's Creek's ability to fully embody the teenage experience.

“I think, especially when we first started, I was still a teenager and it was nice to read a script that I felt expressed things that I was still trying to understand for myself,” explains Holmes, who played Joey Potter. 

For more from the cast, watch the clip below!