Dax Shepard Reacts to Wife Kristen Bell's Pool Gloves

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell
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The actor says his wife has a real 'phobia' of touching other people's skin with pruney fingers.

Dax Shepard is getting candid about Kristen Bell's bizarre pool accessories.

The 43-year-old actor was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, where he explained why his wife wears gloves while swimming.

"So, this is a surprise to me. I've been with her 11 years," Shepard, who shares two children -- daughters Delta, 3, and Lincoln, 5, with Bell, said. "What I had been told thus far is she just doesn't like going in the pool. So, she'll take the kids out there, but she just sits in a lawn chair or whatever."

"The heatwave [in Los Angeles] was so dramatic," he continued. "So she had to get in the pool. I'm getting in like, 'Oh, this is exciting." She goes, 'I gotta get my pool gloves.' And I was like, '[What?] Get your pool gloves? Are you gonna do some underwater welding? What are you talking about?'"

Shepard said that Bell has a real "phobia" of touching other people's skin with pruney fingers.

"That's too much for her," he said. "Apparently. Weirder to me than her even having this proclivity is someone is manufacturing pool gloves. Does anybody here wear pool gloves? No, right. OK, she's bat s**t crazy ... but I gotta say, she was so happy in that pool. She was like a little dolphin swimming around with those gloves on."

In case you missed it, earlier this week, Shepard shared a pic of his wife in the pool, rocking her black gloves.

"My bride wears gloves in the pool because she hates the feeling of pruney finger tips on skin," he revealed. "#Hollyweird #iloveher."

Back in April, ET caught up with Bell at the This Bar Saves Live event in Los Angeles, where she explained why she almost wore jeans to marry Shepard when they said "I do" at the Beverly Hills County Clerk's Office in October 2013.

"I remember my husband picked out my outfit. I thought we were going to go in jeans. I didn't want to have high expectations," she recalled. "We went to the courthouse on a Tuesday morning and I was like, 'OK, let's just go.' And he was like, 'Well, I'm going to wear a tuxedo,' and I was like, 'OK.' And I said I don't know what to wear and he's like, 'I'll pick it out.'"

"He went into my closet, picked out this black jumpsuit and then we got into his Lincoln and he had made a playlist of all my favorite songs," she continued. "It was like Brett Dennen and Tyrone Wells at the time. It was a whole bunch of beautiful songs. And then we just drove there and that was it, but it was so simple and wonderful."

Hear more from the exclusive chat in the video below.