Dax Shepard Reveals He and Kristen Bell Do Not Have a Prenup

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell
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The actor said ‘no’ when she asked him if he wanted one before their 2013 wedding.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have bypassed a very common step in celebrity marriages – the prenup!

On Monday, Shepard appeared on Conan where he talked about how they decided not to sign a prenup before their 2013 wedding.

“When we first started dating, I had more money than her and I owned the house that I lived in. And she said to me at one point, ‘Would you like a prenup?’ because we were getting married,” the 43-year-old actor recalled. “And I said, ‘No, I don’t want a prenup, but I really wanted a prenup, really bad.”

Shepard went on to explain how not signing the prenup now works in his favor.

“I really wanted a prenup, but I said, ‘No, I don’t want one,’ just because something good came over me for once and I made the right decision,” he said. “But the joke is now on her because she’s become much more successful than me and has much more money than me.”

After finding fame as the star of Veronica Mars, Bell went on to voice the beloved character of Anna in Disney’s Frozen, which is set to have a sequel out next year, had a recurring role on House of Lies and is now the star of NBC’s The Good Place.

The couple are parents to daughters Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 3, and tied the knot in October 2013 in a courthouse ceremony.

Bell, 37, previously opened up to ET’s Keltie Knight about her wedding, saying, “[Dax] went into my closet, picked out this black jumpsuit and then we got into his Lincoln and he had made a playlist of all my favorite songs. It was like Brett Dennen and Tyrone Wells at the time. It was a whole bunch of beautiful songs. And then we just drove there and that was it, but it was so simple and wonderful."

On Conan, Shepard also opened up about having his wife as his first guest on his podcast, Armchair Expert.

“I thought, ‘Oh, this is a slam dunk,’” he said. “It was a disaster, right out of the gates. I think she thought I was trying to unveil some big secret, which I was not. And she also had plans to go to Michael’s to buy crafting stuff at the same time. She was annoyed that was the day she was supposed to be buying yarn or something and that really set her off.”

He noted that he didn’t want to share the exchange with the “public,” but added that he changed his mind. “Sometimes we’re in Samsung commercials, canoodling at Christmastime and sometimes we’re screaming at each other about Michael’s,” he quipped.

For more from the couple, watch the clip below!