Demi Lovato Talks Inspirational Swimsuit Photos: ‘I’ve Taken Away the Power From the Negative Comments’

Demi Lovato
The Ellen Show

Demi Lovato doesn’t need the haters’ love!

The 25-year-old singer got candid on Monday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show about the importance of self-love.

“I’ve been working on myself for the past year, more so than I’ve ever worked on myself. I’ve really surrendered to the process of just learning to love yourself, and I feel like it shows through my pictures,” she said. “I post more bathing suit pictures online. I want to show my fans that it’s possible to get to that self-love too.”

Lovato recently made headlines for posting a stunning swimsuit pic of herself, which she admitted was a bit outside of her comfort zone.  

“I actually was very hesitant about posting that because I didn’t love my legs in it,” she explained to DeGeneres. “I decided to post it anyways because I thought, ‘You know what, it’s me, it’s who I am and I love my body, so I’m just going to post it.’ I’ve taken away the power from the negative comments and the haters by not listening to them and if I do see it, I just feel sorry for them, because who leaves a negative comment on somebody’s profile on the internet? You have to be kind of sad to do that. I’ve taken away the power, and it just feels great.”

The former Disney star previously opened up about her ongoing struggles with her eating disorder in her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated. Speaking with DeGeneres, she revealed that she was very nervous to share so much of her private life with her fans.

“I still deal with things, and I wanted to show my fans that it’s still a daily struggle with certain issues,” she said. “But I’m fighting hard, and I want to show my fans that you can continue to fight hard and live the life that you deserve.”

Lovato also played a game of “Who’d You Rather?” featuring both male and female celebrities. Watch the clip to see who she ultimately picked!

For more from Lovato, watch the video below.


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