Demi Lovato’s Boyfriend Max Ehrich Watches ‘Camp Rock 2’ for the First Time and Is Outraged

The actor insists Demi Lovato make a third movie.

Demi Lovato took a trip down memory lane over the weekend, rewatching her role as Mitchie in the hit Disney Channel original films, Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Documenting the journey on her Instagram Story, Lovato was heard giggling and mocking some of the franchise's funnier moments. One particularly sweet moment she recorded was her boyfriend, Max Ehrich's, genuine reaction to the shocking ending of Camp Rock 2

As a refresher, in the film Mitchie and the kids of Camp Rock face off against Camp Star in Camp Wars. Lovato recorded Ehrich's candid reaction to learning that Camp Rock loses the competition in some sweet videos. 

"It has to be Camp Rock," Ehrich says, intently watching the film before gasping to see Camp Rock loses. "They cheated, right? You guys were better than them so I think that they should really do a recount." 

"I think it's too late, babe," Lovato tells him, giggling. 

"It's never too late," Ehrich insists. "I guess you've gotta make a third movie."

Lovato starred in both of the Camp Rock films alongside her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas, as well as Nick and Kevin Jonas. In addition to sharing Ehrich's reactions to the sequel's conclusion, she also joked about one scene at night when Joe Jonas' character, Shane, and her character Mitchie are loudly singing "Wouldn't Change a Thing" to one another in the middle of the camp. 

"So everyone else was just sleeping?" she quips, laughing as Ehrich can also be heard laughing in the background. "We're just belting our lungs out while everyone's sleeping." 

Lovato recently talked about her current relationship, or lack-there-of with the Jonas Brothers. Watch the clip below for more: