Demi Lovato’s Makeup Artist Jill Powell Shares Step-By-Step ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Performance Glam (Exclusive)


In honor of Demi Lovato’s sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me, hitting stores on Sept. 29, her makeup artist, Jill Powell, dropped by ET for a new installment of How-To Hollywood and taught us how to achieve the Glamazon look she created for the singer during a recent "Sorry Not Sorry" performance. 

Jill has worked with Demi going on six years now --  creating almost every makeup look you’ve seen Demi rock -- and she gushed, “She’s almost like a little sister to me.” From music videos to red carpet events, Jill has been the mastermind behind that glowing skin, bold brows and those perfect lashes -- we’ll get to those later!

The Temecula, California-based mother of two started her career 16 years ago with her first job at MAC Cosmetics. Jill says the 25-year-old singer was her first celebrity client, recalling when she flew to New York City almost six years ago to work with Demi for the first time. She remembers, “We did this amazing red lip and she loved it and she said, ‘Are you available tomorrow?’ I said, ‘Sure’ and the rest is history!”

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve Demi’s mega-glam "Sorry Not Sorry" look:

Step 1: Moisturize / Prime

Pro Tip: Jill will opt for a moisture serum instead of a moisturizer and in this case she used Giorgio Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum. “Your makeup will stick to it and it won't slide off,” she explains, “Demi performs a lot, so I always want to make sure that her makeup stays on. So this is something for performance. I'll skip moisturizer and just do the moisture serum.”

Also to note, Jill says massaging the product into your skin will “really get the circulation going in your face and you'll find that you'll be more glowy. My thing is glowing skin!”

Yeah it is...have you seen Demi’s incredible complexion??

Pro Tip #2: Jill reveals primer is her “secret weapon” to maintaining Demi’s sweat-proof makeup. “It's Hourglass Veil Primer. If you sweat, you can just pat and it's back to normal like regular makeup.”


Step 2: Foundation



Pro Tip: “I like to mix a lot of foundations, all different colors and all different textures as well. I like to create like, a normal dimension on your face instead of doing one color all over.” The makeup guru creates “dimension” on the face by adding darker shades to the forehead and contours of the cheeks -- “where the sun naturally hits is the high planes of your face,” she explains.

Using a dense brush to apply foundation will allow the products to blend well together.

Step 3: Concealer

Pro Tip: Mix concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone with a corrective shade of concealer. In this case, she used Nars Creamy Concealer. “Mix in a little bit more of a peachy tone. Peach is a mixture between pink and orange and yellow so it's actually combating your blue, your green and your purple, which are underneath your eyes.”

Jill says she likes to start with perfecting the face, “I always do the face first. If you're doing art, you want a blank canvas, so for me, I like to perfect my canvas and then I can really create the art on top of it.”


Step 4: Contour / Bronze


Pro Tip: Using an angled brush, which will hug the contours of your cheeks, Jill advises to use a “cooler shade first to create that dimension and that shadow,” and then a “warmer shade, just to blend it out.”

Check out the full video above for a breakdown on how to find the contours of your face!


Step 5: Eye Shadow / Eye Liner



Pro Tip: Prime your eyelids before applying eye shadow. This will help conceal your lids and cancel out any dark pigmentation.

Always start with matte eye shadows through the crease of your eye with a fluffy blending brush. “I find that creating dimension in the eyes really helps me to place things. Everything just builds into it. For the lid, I did want it to stand out a little bit, so we did add a tiny bit of shimmer while keeping it really natural.”


Pro Tip #2: Using waterproof liner will help your eye makeup last all day and adding a layer of a similar shade of eye shadow over top will exaggerate the look. Jill admits the outfit Demi was wearing during her performance was what inspired the pop of blue under the eyes, “It was almost a surprise element!”

Step 6: Lashes



Pro Tip: This is more of a life hack for you makeup lovers out there! Jill says people always ask her about lashes. “There’s a lot of tricks. My favorite tip -- I don’t ever apply a full strip anymore. I take my lashes and I cut them up three knots, that's my secret! It bends with your eye, so you will notice when you’re wearing them, they’re not as heavy, the inside doesn’t bother you. Sometimes I'll create my own lash!”


Step 7: Lips

Pro Tip: When it comes to makeup, there really are no rules, but usually when working with a bold eye, it’s best to keep the lip neutral. Jill uses the most beautiful “pink with a gold, so it almost reads a little peachy!”


Voilà! Now take a selfie and share a photo of your Demi Lovato-inspired "Sorry Not Sorry"recreation using the hashtag #HowToHollywood!

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