Demián Bichir Says Late Wife Stefanie Sherk is 'Deeply' Missed on Her Birthday

Stefanie Sherk and Demian Bichir
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

The actor writes that his late wife, who died in 2019, is 'much needed.'

Demián Bichir is remembering his late wife, Stefanie Sherk, on her birthday. The Midnight Sky actor posted a photo of Sherk expressing how she is "much needed" and "deeply" missed.

"On your birthday and every day we all love you and miss your pretty blue smile, deeply. You are much needed in these extraordinary times. Forever beloved Stefanie Sherk," the Mexican actor captioned his post.

The Canadian actress unexpectedly died in April 2019. ET confirmed her death was ruled a suicide. Sherk and Bichir began dating in 2010. They co-starred in Bichir's directorial debut, Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song, in 2016 and shared the screen in 2020's The Grudge.

In a guest column for Deadline shared just before the new year, Bichir opened up about losing Sherk, writing, "The most difficult part of losing a loved one is the brutal realization of the actual loss and the difficulty in accepting their complete and definitive absence."

"Losing our beloved Stefanie took us all by surprise. My wife’s beautiful life was close to perfect. We were a team. We were each other’s fuel and happiness. We were soul mates. Plain and simple," he penned, going on to explain that she had been suffering from sleep deprivation and anxiety, for which she used a "terrible cocktail of medication."

After detailing her battle, he then noted that he wanted to speak out about her death to help others but also, "Because when you lose a loved one the way we lost my beautiful wife, time stops."

"Nothing makes sense for a long period of time. Make no mistake, it’s never too late to alert everyone. As for us, we continue our path into healing," he continued. "Grieving and mourning hasn’t been easy and it will take us our entire lives to overcome the loss of such a beautiful human being, our forever beloved Stefanie Sherk."

Last year, Bichir's brother, Party of Five actor Bruno Bichir, told ET that Sherk's death had "been hard" for their family.

"Not only for us, but obviously for everyone," he said, adding that since the tragic event they leaned on each other. "That's exactly what we do. We support each other. That's what we know. This is what we know as Mexicans…We want to help. In Latin America, there's so much family around, there is always someone happy to help and to [offer a] shoulder [to lean on]. And that's what we Latin-American people do, we support each other no matter what."