Denise Richards Returns to the Big Screen in 'Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate's Cove' (Exclusive)

ET has your exclusive first look at Denise Richards' first project after leaving 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'

Swashbuckling… in the suburbs?! That’s the premise of Denise Richards' first post-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills project, and ET has your exclusive first look! It's called Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate’s Cove, a modern-day Goonies-style adventure. The film follows a group of kids chasing time-traveling pirates, who are in search of a hidden treasure. Denise plays Victoria, the mom of Josh Dare, one of the kids at the heart of the story.

"It's nice to do a family film, because then my kids can watch it," Denise tells ET. "It's also nice because I worked with [co-star] Eric Balfour before and I was actually pregnant with my daughter Lola when we did a pilot and Lola, my daughter, is here and she’s 13, almost 14! He has a baby and a wife and everything and I said, 'This is my daughter that I was pregnant with when we shot our pilot.' And then, after she was born, I did the series, so he was like, 'Oh my God.' Yeah, they grow! So, I think for him, it took him a second to look at her and look at his baby and go… I’m like, it happens."

"It's fun to work with people that I've worked with before," she adds, "and Patrick Muldoon, who I've worked with forever on many projects, I’ve known him since I was a teenager -- he'll say he was a teenager, but he was not. He was much older than I was, but whatever -- but, we worked together a lot, and one, big project that people might know us from is Starship Troopers, and then I also did Melrose Place, a few episodes. I played Loni Anderson’s daughter while he was on it, but we’ve worked together a lot and we have good chemistry, and we’re very good friends and that’s always nice to work with somebody who you’re friends with, because there’s this trust."

"You can run lines, you can, you know, you feel very comfortable and right away, you get, like, everything quickly," Denise continues, "and, I think, that helps so much for the director and the producers and everyone, right away."

Denise says her teen daughters, Sami, 16, and Lola, 15, were excited to see her take on a role in a project fronted by Nickelodeon star Casey Simpson, who plays her son in the flick.

"Victoria is a mother of this amazing son, her husband's been gone -- I think about five years -- and she's an acting coach, and I personally think her dream has been to be on the stage, or in the movie or a television show," Denise teases of her role. "She is very passionate about what she believes in and wants to convey that to, you know, the town and her son and all the performances I’m sure she’s done. It’s something she’s very passionate about and takes very seriously."


The film features fantastic adventure -- and fantastical costumes!

"It's always fun, I feel like, as an actor, when you can put on a costume and not just 'wardrobe,'" she notes. "The pirates look amazing, they're very authentic."

The film was shot on-location in Mendocino, California. Yes, this is seemingly the shoot Denise was on when Brandi Glanville visited her and the alleged hookup -- which Denise has vehemently denied -- took place.

"I think one of the greatest perks of my job is being able to travel all over the world, and to be able to go from Los Angeles to Northern California and see that there are coves here, and beautiful turquoise water, and give that authentic feel to what I feel this movie needs is really special," Denise gushes. "It's so cool to be up here and have that element of this, because I think it helps us actors, and the director and everyone else, it gives another layer to our performance and another layer to directing, and brings everything together, and I think we’re very blessed to be here for that."

Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate’s Cove premieres in select theaters nationwide this December.