Denise Richards Reveals What She's Thinking About During Those Dramatic Soap Opera Staredowns (Exclusive)

The actress joined Tuesday's Entertainment Tonight and dished on her favorite dramatic soap opera moments.

Denise Richards is raising the bar for soap opera drama. The actress is opening up about what it takes to bring the heat to her biggest showdowns on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Richards sat down as a co-host on Tuesday's Entertainment Tonight, alongside Lauren Zima, and reflected on how she pulls off her epic stare-downs on her daytime drama.

As it turns out, there's one particular move she likes to employ, which involves a stare, then a look-away, then bringing back the laser-focused eye-contact.

"Stare where you are looking, then look away, think about, like, 'I want a turkey sandwich,' and then look back!" Richards explained, after a clip of her pulling off the signature stare-down move.

Richards has starred as Shauna Fulton on The Bold and the Beautiful since 2019, but it's far from her own project she's been enthusiastically working on. The mother of three recently starred in Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate's Cove.

"It's always good, as a mom of three girls, to be able to do a family friendly movie," she explained with a smile. "And this movie is fun for adults and kids to watch together."

Among her film and TV projects, Richards has also been working hard on her Quantum Reach Foundation, an organization that she runs with her husband, Aaron Phypers, which is devoted to researching new technologies and avenues of health and wellness for children and animals across the world.

"Our youngest daughter, [Eloise, 9], she has special needs, and she has a very rare chromosome disorder," Richards shared, when asked about how and why the organization means so much to her. "I'm very lucky that early on I was able to have the resources and the means to be able to figure out what it was."

Richards said that the organization's plans and efforts were delayed by the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, but they are working to get everything back to up to speed.

"There were a couple things that had to be put on hold during COVID, after everything, but we're up and putting all that back together," she shared. "We're very excited."

Find out more about the Quantum Reach Foundation here.



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