Denzel Washington Reveals the Role He Wants to Play Next (Exclusive)

The actor spoke to ET about what's next in his storied career.

Denzel Washington isn't done yet. ET spoke to the Academy Award-winning actor at the premiere of The Tragedy of Macbeth, where the 66-year-old actor, who has seemingly done it all, shared the role he'd like to take on next.

"I'm about the challenges. At this point, like the character, I'm in the yellow leaf of my career. To be quite honest, looking to do other things. So as far as acting, it's gonna have to be an extreme challenge for me to be interested," Washington shared. I've been talking to one or two of the top directors in the business, and we're talking about maybe doing something. There's not that much left for me to do as actor. Maybe Lear."

In the film, Washington plays the power-hungry Macbeth, who sets his sights on the Scottish throne after receiving a prophecy from three witches. While he didn't give away much about the film, Washington called the buzz-about project "a great ride."

"It was just a great ride with a group of talented, talented young and older actors led by a brilliant, brilliant director," the A Journal for Jordan director gushed.

Despite looking for a new challenge, Washington, who kept it classic in an all black-fit, is busier than ever, with both films coming out Christmas Day. While there to talk about Macbeth, Washington briefly spoke about the Michael B. Jordan-led film, calling it a "tear-jerker."

"It's just a beautiful love story and a touching...what's the word. I don't want to say sappy, but it's a real tear-jerker," Washington explained. "A little bit different than Macbeth, so I got 'em on both sides."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While promoting both films this week, Washington shed some tears of his own when talking about his late mother, who he lost earlier this year, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

During Wednesday night's interview, Colbert brought up a quote Washington said about a mother being a boy’s first true love, with the host asking the actor how he is honoring that love in his work, when Washington became emotional.

"A mother is a son's first true love. A son, especially that first son, is a mother's last true love," Washington began. "That's... I'm getting choked up. Sorry."

Washington went on share that his mother was there, every step of the way, throughout his life and career, but that "she went home," before asking Colbert for a tissue.

Washington was even further moved to tears when Colbert showed him a picture of the actor alongside his late mother after he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Glory in 1990.

"This is terrible," Washington said, dabbing his eyes with the tissue. "And, didn't cry at her funeral." 

"Why do you think?" The talk show host asked. "I don't know. I guess I saved it up for you," Washington said, laughing. "For crying out loud!"

Check out the heartwarming clip below, and see The Tragedy of Macbeth when the film hits theaters Dec. 25.