Dermot Mulroney Reacts to Julia Roberts Wanting a 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Sequel (Exclusive)

Mulroney opened up to ET about whether or not he would be down for another movie with Julia Roberts.

Dermot Mulroney says he would do a sequel to My Best Friend's Wedding with Julia Roberts in a heartbeat. 

Talking with ET from the premiere of his new film, Anyone But You, the 60-year-old actor expressed his excitement at the prospect of getting to star alongside Roberts, 56, all over again. 

"Yeah, no, I'm in," he said when asked if he would be down for another film. "I'm thrilled to hear Julia's finally, you know, coming to her senses." 

On Monday, Roberts spoke with CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King and shared where she thinks her character from the film, Jules, would be today.

Roberts says she doesn't believe anything ever happens between Jules and Mulroney's Michael, her character's lifelong friend who -- in the film -- marries another woman, played by Cameron Diaz, despite Jules' efforts to sabotage the nuptials. 

"He's married and faithful to his wife," Roberts told King during the segment. She adds that Jules and George, her gay best friend played by Rupert Everett, "start a do-it-yourself show on HGTV and become wildly famous." The full interview, airing Tuesday, will also feature Roberts' guesses on where characters from Pretty Woman, Mystic Pizza, Notting Hill and The Pelican Brief would be today. 

In response, Mulroney said he was humbled to hear her thoughts and that he is always ready to step back into the role of Michael O'Neal.

"I was amazed to hear her kind compliments this weekend," he told ET. "You know I would love to work with her any day of the week, month or year." 

As for where he sees his character, Mulroney said he doesn't have too many ideas but that he would make himself available for whatever the writers come up with. 

"Oh golly. I don't know -- that's not my job," he joked. "But if they -- if they put that story together, I'm there for sure."

In his new rom-com, Anyone But You, Mulroney plays the father of Sydney Sweeney's character who is forced to engage in a fake relationship with a man she hates, played by Glen Powell, in order to make others jealous. 

"So rather than being the groom, I'm now the father of the bride," he said, adding that he considers the change of pace "a fantastic turn" for him. 

"I'm glad I'm still in the business of romcoms, you know, they've been -- it's been a rocky road for a little while. Harder movies to make, hard to find an audience, but this one comes right out in the theater right around the Christmas holidays so you want to go as a family," he said. "It's an R rated romcom destination wedding movie... what else could you want?"

Anyone But You -- which also stars Alexandra Shipp and Darren Barnet -- premieres in theaters on Dec 22. 


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