Diane Keaton on Her 'Bad Habit' of Checking Instagram Too Often (Exclusive)

The actress also explained why she insists on posting in all caps.

The younger generation may frequently get called out for being glued to their phones, but at 71, Diane Keaton gets it!

The screen icon, who has around 848,000 Instagram followers, admitted she can’t resist checking the app all day, while talking to ET’s Nischelle Turner on Tuesday.

“It becomes a bad habit,” Keaton confessed. “It starts to be that thing you check too often. I’m still praying maybe I'll get a million viewers, but I'll never be Reese Witherpsoon. What does she have -- 15 million? I don't even understand. I got to calm it down!”

Calm is not exactly how Keaton’s account looks, given that she captions her posts in capital letters. The actress, who frequently makes fashion posts, explained that she simply thinks all caps looks better.

And, while some may disagree, at least her bold style makes her posts stand out!

“A lot of people don't like all caps. Is there a reason?” she asked. “I think it looks better. This is crazy -- what’s wrong? This is why they’re going to be committing me soon!”

But not before she puts out her latest movie, Poms, in which her fun nature transfers onto the screen as she plays Martha, a woman starting a cheer squad at her retirement community.

Out on May 10, the film is one of many flicks coming out soon, some of which have been the focus at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week.

ET is in Las Vegas all week with exclusive reporting from the film convention, as well as an inside look at Sin City’s most iconic hot spots and exclusive content from the 2019 ACM Awards. Don't miss it!