Did Shep Rose Find Love on ‘RelationShep?’ Here’s the Girl He ‘Really, Really’ Likes (Exclusive)

Shep Rose on 'RelationShep.'

It’s looking more and more likely like Southern Charm star Shep Rose did, in fact, find love -- or something like it -- on RelationShep.

There are just two episodes left of Bravo’s dating experiment, which sent the 37-year-old reality star across the country on a quest for romance. In each city Shep visited, his friends set him up with their friends. Then, the women Shep connected with ventured to his adopted hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, for a final round of dates -- and ET has your exclusive first look at one of those last outings with Priscilla, a woman Shep met in Texas. From the looks of the date, she’s the front runner.

“Shep and I are just having this, like, silly wine talk, but there’s so much behind it,” Priscilla confesses. “I want to get to know this man as much as I possibly can.”

The pair enjoy some fun bantering back and forth about pet names, specifically “meatball,” before Shep excuses himself to go to the restroom. In reality, he’s sneaking away to check in with his producer, Sarah, and get her read on the date. Watch:

“I like talking to her a lot,” Shep admits. “She’s amazing. Things are rolling off my tongue wonderfully … I am super comfortable with her.”

Shep then returns to the date and immediately tells Priscilla that he’s “really, really happy” hanging out with her. Priscilla agrees, adding that she’s interested to see what Shep is like as a boyfriend. Shep says he, too, is curious about that.

“That’s f**king worrisome,” Priscilla blurts out. “That’s weird! You’re a 37-year-old man. For you to not know what you’re like as a boyfriend is a very weird concept.”

You’ll have to wait and see if Shep’s lack of knowledge about what he’s like as a significant other turns out to be a deal breaker for Priscilla when RelationShep airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. Check out the links and video below fore more on Shep and the show.


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