Olaf Is Getting an Origin Story in 'Once Upon a Snowman'

Walt Disney Studios

Disney will leave no stone or troll unturned when it comes to the mysteries of Frozen. When fans began asking, "Why does Elsa have powers? And why does Anna not?" a sequel -- 2019's Frozen 2 -- was born. Now, a new short film will fill in the origin story for everyone's favorite chatty snowman.

Arriving on Disney+ on Oct. 23, Once Upon a Snowman will reveal what happened to Olaf (as always, voiced by Josh Gad) in the time between Elsa creating him mid-"Let It Go" and bumping into Anna and Kristoff for the first time. The short is also set to answer one of the franchise's biggest questions: Why does Olaf love summer so much?

"This is an idea that started to form when I was an animator on the first Frozen," says director Trent Correy. Co-director Dan Abraham adds, "Josh Gad gives one of the great animated voice performances as Olaf through the Frozen films. To have the opportunity to work with him in the recording booth was such a privilege and career highlight.”

This is the second official Frozen short -- after 2015's Frozen Fever -- and the latest project centered on Olaf, following the 2017 holiday special Olaf's Frozen Adventure, and the series of Olaf-centric clips made in quarantine earlier this year, titled At Home With Olaf.

Once Upon a Snowman


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