Dixie D’Amelio Says Keeping Noah Beck Relationship Offline Made Things ‘More Complicated’ (Exclusive)

The couple has been dating since 2020.

Dixie D'Amelio's life is front and center on her family's reality show and social media, but there's one thing she's decided is important to take offline -- her relationship with Noah Beck. ET's Deidre Behar caught up with the 21-year-old singer who dished on how going private with her personal life has been difficult as people speculate they're broken up.

"We are together, but keeping it offline," she clarified of their relationship status. "Obviously, it does make things more complicated keeping things offline, but at the end of the day there’s so much back-and-forth of trying to build a career and trying to figure out if were even happy."

"Going from seeing each other every day in quarantine and being so busy and having schedules that we can’t align together with is very hard and very difficult," Dixie added. "I just hope people give us grace. We are 21 and obviously we didn’t have the choice of, like, putting it all on the show, but people care about us, and people care about our relationship. We want to share a little bit."

While Dixie admits there's "no rule book" when it comes to handling a highly-publicized relationship, she says their decision to go offline was not an easy one.

"It was hard because we obviously wanted to show each other off and like all the cute things, but at the same time, it just brought confusion, with questions like, 'Oh, they're together,' or, 'Oh, they're not together.' It’s just like so much," she explained. "It’s just not something that I never thought I would get into, like having a public online relationship where people would care about."

Dixie calls handling her public relationship with Noah one of the "toughest parts of my life" because "at the end of the day we both want to be our own people as well." She went on to share that neither of them want to be known as "Dixie's boyfriend" or "Noah's girlfriend."

The couple may be trying to navigate young love, but back in January 2021, Noah gushed over his girlfriend, sharing that he can picture himself marrying her someday. 

"We’ve only been dating for almost four months, it’s not even four months... and, like, your fans start to build this connection with you guys, like, 'Oh, we love them together,'" he told ET at the time. "I can definitely see myself marrying Dixie, and that’s the goal."

"I don’t wanna waste my time. I don’t wanna be with someone if the intention is not to date to marry them," he added. "I think she’s my forever person."

Dixie last posted an Instagram pic of herself and Noah staring adoringly into each other's eyes in May, simply captioning the post "21."

The following month, Noah shared a glimpse into a vacation with friends, including Dixie. "Good time w good people," he wrote.

The D'Amelio Show season 2 premieres Sept. 28 on Hulu.


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