DJ Khaled Injured After Major Wipeout While Attempting to Surf

The music producer shared footage of his surfing snafu on social media.

DJ Khaled is pushing through the pain. 

The music producer suffered an injury while attempting to surf in Turks and Caicos this week, as evidenced by footage he posted to Instagram of his accident. According to the clip, the star was attempting to stand up on a motorized board, but fumbled as the board lifted out of the water. Khaled proceeded to fall forward onto the water, possibly hitting the board on the way down. 

"I injured my self surfing yesterday. So I thought I could play through the pain," he wrote in part of an Instagram post afterward. "So I’m get a massage and call dr make sure I’m great . But nothing going stop me from playing golf."

Khaled also shared footage of himself at a doctor's office for an x-ray after experiencing pain and not being able to sleep. 

While Khaled has not shared an official diagnosis, he did recently tells fans in a video posted to Instagram that he is still in pain and was planning to relax with his family. In newer footage, the father of two smoked a cigar while seated on a massage table by the beach.