Dolly Parton Joins Final Season of 'Grace and Frankie'

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Grace and Frankie is going out with a bang! After six seasons, Dolly Parton is finally joining the show for the seventh and final season of the series. 

Parton's appearance on the show will finally give fans the 9 to 5 reunion they've been waiting on for years when she stars alongside Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda

In 1980, moviegoers fell in love with Parton, Tomlin and Fonda when they starred together in 9 to 5. Now, more than 40 years later, they'll reunite to make onscreen magic -- something Tomlin and Fonda had been pushing for.

In 2019, ET spoke with Tomlin and Fonda, who dished on their desire to get Parton on board for an episode of Grace and Frankie, and revealed why they hadn't been able to make that happen. 

"She's so busy," Fonda explained of Parton at the time. "She’s had the 9 to 5 musicals in London and she went over for that."

However, Tomlin was hopeful and shared that they had gotten "very close" to getting Parton, and that the 75-year-old country music legend really wanted to get the opportunity to reunite with her 9 to 5 pals.

During the PaleyFest panel at the time, Fonda cracked a joke about the possibility of a 9 to 5 sequel. "Everybody is very hopeful," she shared before quipping, "We may not live to see it."

During an ABC News' Nightline interview in 2018, Parton opened up about a 9 to 5 follow-up and what it would take to get it going. 

"All these years we've talked about doing a sequel to 9 to 5, but it never made any real sense," she explained. "Until just recently [with] all the equal work for equal pay and all the harassment in the workplace [backlash] -- we decided that we are going to try to do another one."

"We're trying to get the script and all that," she continued. "Everybody is very interested, and we've all agreed that we'd love to do it, if it's right."


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