'Pose' Star Dominique Jackson and Her Fiancé Search for Their Dream Home on 'House Hunters'

Dominique and Edwin search for their first home in an all-new episode of the long-running HGTV series, premiering in June.

Pose star Dominique Jackson and her fiancé and manager, Edwin, will appear on an upcoming episode of HGTV’s long-running real estate series, House Hunters, as they search for their first home.

Of course, like any couple, the two have very different styles in mind as they tour three different options outside of New York City, where they can host their large extended families. “When it comes to buying this house, I want everything,” Dominique says.

With a budget between $400,000 and $650,000, they have to find a place that incorporates Dominique’s desires to have a Colonial style home with a pool and spa bathroom and Edwin’s dream of an open-concept farmhouse. 

No matter what they settle on, both Dominique and Edwin explain why buying their home is so important to them. “Owning a home means so much to the both of us. Both of us were homeless at one time. We know what it means to struggle,” Edwin says.

“As a Black trans woman, I thought it was impossible to own a home. All I knew that I could do was survive, so home ownership was not on my radar,” Dominique adds. “And now that I’m financially able to do it with my partner, I realized it can be done.” 

The all-new House Hunters episode premieres Tuesday, June 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.