'Don't Look Up': Meryl Streep Makes Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence Nervous in New Clip

'Don't Look Up' is in select theaters on Dec. 10 and on Netflix on Dec. 24.

Don't Look Up is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year!

The drama sees Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio teaming up as astronomy grad student, Kate Dibiasky, and her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, who discover a comet is going to hit Earth. The two then embark on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet -- but not many people seem to care. On Saturday, Netflix dropped a new clip from the upcoming film in which the they share details of the major event to the President of the United States, played by Meryl Streep.

"I heard there's an asteroid or a comet or something that you don't like the looks of," Streep tells the two astronomers. "Tell me about it. You got 20 minutes."

As DiCaprio attempts to explain what will happen, Jonah Hill's Chief of Staff calls the news boring and to "just tell us what it is."

In layman's terms, Lawrence replies, "What Dr. Mindy is trying to explain is that there's a comet headed towards Earth." See the full clip below.

Directed by Adam McKay, the drama features a slew of stars, including Timothée Chalamet, Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry. Ariana Grande, Rob Morgan, Mark Rylance, Ron Perlman and Kid Cudi are also featured.

The first trailer dropped earlier this month, with much awards season buzz surrounding it. Could another Oscar be in the stars for Lawrence and DiCaprio?

Don't Look Up will arrive in select theaters on Dec. 10 and on Netflix on Dec. 24.



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