'Doubling Down With the Derricos' Karen and Deon on the Possibility of Having a 15th Child (Exclusive)

That's a tall task considering the couple already shells out $3,500 a month on groceries alone!

Karen and Deon Derrico are not slowing down. There's talk about adding a 15th child to their brood!

The Doubling Down With the Derricos stars spoke to ET's Lauren Zima and shared they're not exactly ready to hang up the diaper bag. It goes without saying -- raising 14 children is a tall task, but there's still so much love Karen and Deon want to give.

"No, that diaper bag is not being hung up," Karen said. "I don't feel complete. I don't think we are 100 percent complete." Deon echoed those sentiments. "[I] think when you have created -- what I think we have created -- in this home, the love, the amount of love, I could just never get tired of."

The idea of adding another child also made Karen emotional.

"I would have never thought that not only would he have given me 14 amazing children," said Karen as she started choking back tears, "but 14 really, like, good ... I just want the best for all of them."

For the uninitiated, Karen gave birth to all 14 of her children naturally, which included two single births (Darian, 16, and Derek, 10), twins (Dallas and Denver, 9), quintuplets (Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Deniko and Dariz, 7), twins (Diez and Dior, 4) and triplets (Dawsyn, De'Aren and Dyver, 2).

"My quintuplets doctor told me I was his first African-American patient to naturally conceive," Karen revealed. "And I think he gave an odds of one in 32 million something around that."

The Las Vegas-based family thrive despite the obvious challenges. They're currently living in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home, and one of the bedrooms has been converted into a classroom where Karen homeschools nine of her children. Karen admits they've outgrown the home, but they make it work. The couple gave ET a tour of the classroom, which features a table with desktops, cubbies and posters of iconic leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson, Rosa Park and Oprah Winfrey.

Deon also offered a tour of his kitchen, where the real estate investor spends a lot of time cooking for the fam bam. The grocery bill's hefty, to say the least, at $3,500 per month. The couple says they buy everything in bulk -- from toilet paper to the eight cartons of milk. Karen handles breakfast duties, which includes whipping up 30-35 pancakes to feed the sweet and polite kids.

And how does the family keep fit after chowing down those sweet pancakes? Lots of singing and dancing!

Season 3 of Doubling Down With the Derricos airs Tuesdays on TLC.