Dove Cameron Thanks Queer Community for Accepting Her: ‘Feel More Myself Than Ever’ (Exclusive)

Cameron is nominated in the Best New Artist category.

Dove Cameron is embracing all of the support! The 26-year-old is up for the Best New Artist award during Sunday night’s American Music Awards and truly can’t believe the amount of love she is getting from fans across the globe. 

"I think the number one remark that we keep making is if somebody had told me that this is how the year was going to go at the top of the year, I'd be like ‘shut the f**k up.  That's not how time works.' There's no way you could make that leap that quickly. It just kind of feels like this amazing lucky whirlwind," she tells ET’s Denny Directo.  

When it comes to the support she's received, Cameron says she has the LGBTQ+ community to thank.  

"I feel like I have to thank, definitely like the queer community for embracing me so wholeheartedly,” she adds. “I mean everybody for really sticking with me.” 

The "Boyfriend" singer admits that she made a very "drastic transition" from Disney to today. However, she feels, 'more myself than ever."

Cameron says that it’s important to celebrate all of the exciting moments and that knowing that time isn’t on her side is the best way to go about it.  

"I think the way that I calm my nerves is like knowing how short everything is," she says. "I'm only gonna be alive for a certain amount of time. It's the AMAs is it's huge, it's amazing. These moments, you're gonna think about them forever. Also, life is like so fast so you have to enjoy it."

And when it comes to her new single, "Bad Idea" Cameron -- who whore Marc Jacobs -- for the evening, is celebrating keeping the song’s inspiration close to her heart.  

"I can't say," she tells ET. "But you know, I feel like everybody's been in that situation where you get a text from an ex, Who was like, 'I miss you so much' Like, it's all still It feels the same for me. And you're like, 'No, I've grown from this.' Like, yeah, you're like I've done the work. And healed. But then there's like the little voice where you're like, "Is this like the best bad idea that I'm gonna have?' You know what I mean? Like? Yeah, honey. Honey, we've all been there a few times."

The 2022 American Music Awards air live Sunday, Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.