Dr. Drew Pinsky Tests Positive for COVID-19

Dr. Drew
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Dr. Drew Pinsky has tested positive for COVID-19.

The radio show host's official Instagram account shared the news on Tuesday alongside a photo of him in bed. (His wife, Susan Pinsky, apparently tested negative for coronavirus and wears a mask in the selfie.)

"Cheers to the New Year with some Hydralyte for Covid-19. Drew tested positve day 4," the caption reads. "Drew is home, under survelliance and fever is down... feeling better and will hppefully get well soon."

Susan shared a shot of him on her own Instagram, writing, "Someone got a buggie!"

The positive test result comes one day after documenting his coronavirus test on social media. In the video, a coughing Pinksy says, "This better be COVID or I'm gonna be pissed," then caused further controversy when he shared the post saying he was "wishing for COVID."

"After three days of fever and the Zelenko protocol plus steroids, feeling better and getting another test for flu and Covid! Goodtimes," he tweeted. "Wishing for Covid since this virus is not fun. Stay well, wear a mask!"

When followers questioned why he would wish for COVID-19, he replied, "Hoping for Covid so I achieve some degree of immunity I could go back out and treat patients without risk of becoming sick and taking another hospital bed away from patients needing care."

In another response, Pinsky added, "If your assumption is that what I have been suffering through is not brutal you are very much mistaken."


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