Drew and Jonathan Scott On 'Being A Mess' and the 'Coolest Uncle' When Drew's Baby Arrives (Exclusive)

The 'Celebrity IOU' hosts open up about welcoming baby Scott.

The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, have more than one type of reno on the brain! Drew and his wife, Linda Phan, are expecting their first child, and the dad-to-be is already preparing for the special moment.  

“I can tell you this much, the moment our baby comes into this world, I will be crying like a mess,” he told ET’s Matt Cohen. “I'll be a total mess. I already know it.” 

Drew adds, “I'm just excited. This has been a long journey to get here, and we are really excited about this. And Linda is going to be the best of moms. I know she is and I'm excited to flex my dad hat a little bit.” 

Drew is ready to flex his dad hat and Jonathan is already in uncle mode. “I'm not going to lie, I have full on plans to be the coolest uncle that's ever existed,” he tells ET.  

Jonathan added that his skills as a magician, clown and builder have already prepared him for the role. He’s also started working on a special place for the baby in his forever home with girlfriend Zooey Deschanel.  

“I have all of that, but I do plan on the renovation that Zooey and I've done on our house -- it's almost done -- and there's an area of that home which I've sort of set up as the ultimate entertaining area for the kids.” 

He adds, “So, my goal will be, Drew can tell me which birthday it's going to be, but we'll host a big, amazing, crazy, probably bouncy castle-filled birthday party." 

For his part, Drew is totally on board with his brother’s plan, “I probably haven't told you this yet, I've already booked your place out for the next years," he jokes. "So yeah, we're already doing that.” 

Drew and Linda shared the exciting news that they were expecting their first child in December. On top of stepping into the roles of dad and uncle, Drew and Jonathan are putting on their demolition hats for a new season of Celebrity IOU.  

Tiffany Haddish, Anthony Anderson, Ali Wong, John C. Reilly and Howie Mandel are among some of the guests who have asked for the brothers' help to transform the lives of people closest to them -- a process that always touches the guys’ hearts. 

“It's funny, we kind of do have the best jobs in the world," Jonathan explains, "and when we're talking with these celebrities, they say that. Because not only is it fun to do demolition, but to transform people's lives, which is really what we're doing." 

“We're working with these celebs and often a family member of the recipient to get all the information about what would be the most impactful -- How can we help?  It's really special and we're fortunate," he continues. "Drew and I have hosted over 550 episodes of our show. So, we've helped over 550 families. We also produce another 11 series with other hosts on top of this, and so we're one of the largest producers for Discovery networks, and I think that's what we just aim to do.” 

Jonathan adds, “We aim to bring this heart to everything we do so that we can educate, entertain and inspire all audiences.” 

Celebrity IOU returns to HGTV and Discovery+ on April 18.