Drew Barrymore and Ex-Husband Tom Green Are Keeping in Touch by Playing Scrabble

Tom Green and Drew Barrymore 72nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrival

The pair reconnected after 20 years on 'The Drew Barrymore Show' in September.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green recently reconnected after 20 years, and they're not going to let themselves lose touch again. Barrymore, who initially caught up with her ex-husband on The Drew Barrymore Show in September, checked in with him again on Wednesday's episode. As she revealed, they've been keeping in touch by playing Scrabble. 

"We're playing a mean game of Scrabble. It’s actually my turn but my letters suck so badly," Barrymore said, as a screenshot of her board displayed. "Our last game was really good. I didn’t take a screenshot of that board, but it’s so much fun to play Scrabble GO with you." 

"You’re hilarious on the show, by the way," Green said. "I’ll see on your Instagram these hilarious things you’re doing. Which to me, I just think it’s what daytime television needs, it needs a little more wackiness." 

"I’ve had a lot of laughs watching your clips on social media while I’m out here in the van," he added. "So congratulations, I’m proud of you, I’m so happy for you. Thank you." 

Touched by Green's kind words, Barrymore replied, "If you think it’s funny, I’m happy because you are a pioneer of funny in a genre that did not exist before you." 

While Barrymore and Green's relationship was brief -- lasting from just 1999 to 2001 -- it was impactful. She told ET in September that it was "emotional" to reconnect with the comedian, after not speaking for nearly 20 years. 

"It wasn't for TV and TV sensationalism," Barrymore shared. "It's very emotional and there was a meaning and a depth to it, but a fun celebration." 

"We were just kids. We're both more grown up now and there has been a whole life lived," she added. "It's wild to reconnect." 

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