Drew Barrymore Explains Why She Can't Date Someone Younger Than Her

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore Show

The actress talks to Whoopi Goldberg about online dating and finding romance.

Drew Barrymore isn't looking to date younger men.

On the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress and Whoopi Goldberg discuss having a significant other and how Barrymore has "sworn off relationships." The two share how dating is not something they are looking forward to, especially dating men who are younger than them.

"I’m on a dating app and sometimes I’ll swipe by and this 35-year-old guy will run by. I’m 46 and I’m like, I already have two children, I don’t need another," Barrymore cracks. "And so then I’m like, ‘Well, that’s not going to work.' And then I’m like, 'Well, I wouldn’t really want someone judging me on my age. Age doesn’t really represent people.' But I think I would love to be with someone."

Goldberg then chimes in saying, "It cannot be five years. You cannot make the distance five years. You can’t because if they are five years younger than you, there’s a whole section of time that’s gone that makes it difficult."

"I once had a partner who said to me once, 'I did not know Paul McCartney had a band other than Wings.’ He was young," she recalls. "And I said, ‘Um, so you don’t know much about The Beatles?’ and then he said it, ‘Who are The Beatles?’ And that’s too young."

While she may not want to date anyone right now, Barrymore does say, "It’s nice to know I just want to be with someone my own age or older. I just want to keep moving forward."

Goldberg, however, didn't swear off all younger prospects, adding, "If you are going to do a hit and run, you can have somebody younger. Let us not forget, sometimes you don’t want an entire relationship. Sometimes you just need a little boom boom."

Barrymore split from her third husband, Will Kopelman, in August 2016. The former couple are parents to daughters Olive, 9, and Frankie, 7.

The former Charlie's Angels star has previously opened up about using dating apps, even trying to convince Gayle King to find romance through one of them. "I think you should too," Barrymore told King during an episode of her show last month. "I want to do it with you!"

"I dip in and out," Barrymore said. "Every once in a while, and then I freak out and jump off."

King chimed in, "If I could do it and people wouldn’t know it was me I would do it...I wish I was brave enough to do it. I do. I prefer to meet somebody through a friend of a friend of a friend or you meet someone somewhere."