Drew Barrymore Falls to the Floor Over John Legend Serenading Her Pet Bearded Dragon

The beloved reptile laid in between a floral arrangement atop a miniature piano.

The perfect performance for a beloved pet! John Legend left Drew Barrymore at a loss for words this week when he serenaded her pet bearded dragon, Jeremy, during an appearance on her daytime talk show. 

"I can't believe this is about to happen," Barrymore said before Jeremy's arrival. "There are days of your life where you think this is as good as it's gonna get and I know it's that for Jeremy." 

Staff then rolled the reptile onstage atop a miniature piano so that they were situated between Legend and Barrymore. Jeremy laid calmly in between a floral arrangement above the tiny black-and-white keys. 

"Let me sing a song to Jeremy," Legend said, before belting out a rendition of his famous single, "All of Me." 

Legend replaced the words "All of Me" with "Jeremy" in the song, and changed one lyric to "don't poop on me." 

When he was finished, Barrymore fell out of her chair, lying on the floor in an appreciative response to Legend's performance. 

She then leaned over to the bearded dragon and said, "Jeremy, you know this is as good as it's ever going to get." 

Legend chuckled and then told the reptile that "it was an honor" to perform for him. 

During the same appearance, the singer also told Barrymore how he and Chrissy Teigen's household has adjusted to the couple's newest child, Esti, born January 2023.

"They're doing so well," Legend said of the couple's two older children, Luna, 6, and Miles, 4. "Honestly, I was a little worried because I felt like when she was still inside Chrissy, they were, like, a bit jealous that Mom was bringing a new baby into the world. But when she came out, they just snapped into place. They were, like, trying to be really good big siblings. They were excited when she came home. It just brought more energy and joy to our house."