Drew Barrymore Reveals Details About Her Sex Life

The talk show host answers whether she's ever had sex in a car!

Just days before Valentine's Day, Drew Barrymore is dishing about her love life! On Wednesday's The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress answered some "dirty" questions posed by Ross Mathews in a new segment called "Coming Clean by Garnier Whole Blends."

The questions start out easy, where Barrymore admits to using her name to get a reservation at a restaurant and eating food off the floor.  

Mathews' inquiries become more personal when he asks if she's ever been skinny dipping. "Duh, yeah! I love a good skinny dip," the 45-year-old actress shares without hesitation. "...I definitely do that with my girlfriends and my daughters. Just off with the clothes and into the water."

Barrymore is then asked a few questions about her sex life, including if she's a "lights on or lights off kind of girl."

"I'm very weird about lighting. I like natural light from the day or, like, very soft light," she shares. "I'm very lighting sensitive in any scenario."

As for whether she's "like, totally got it on in a car," Barrymore confesses while blushing, "Ross! Who hasn't?!"

This isn't the first time the talk show host has opened up about her personal life to her TV audience. She even had her ex-husband, Tom Green, on the show where they talked about their marriage.

Here's what Barrymore told ET about the interview with her ex.