Drew Barrymore Reveals She's Single and Off Dating Apps -- Here's Why (Exclusive)

The 'Santa Clarita Diet' star opened up to ET at BeautyConLA on Saturday about why dating apps and blind dates just didn't work for her.

Drew Barrymore is a very busy woman -- with her acting career, her new beauty line and being a mom to two young kids --  so it can be hard to find time to cultivate a love life. However, the Santa Clarita Diet star says she still isn't going back to dating apps.

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the actress at BeautyConLA at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday -- where she was promoting her new beauty line, Flower Beauty -- and she opened up about why she'd rather be single than keep trying to find romance online.

"I got off [dating apps]. It was fun to try though," Barrymore shared.

According to the 43-year-old actress, who split from her third husband, Will Kopelman, in August 2016, she's always wanted to experience a blind date, but that's never really been a possibility for her.

"I've been working out there in the public since I was young so that myth of the blind date eluded me and I always wanted to do it so that was like a dating app for me," Barrymore explained. "But then it's not blind on my side so it just, I don't know, doesn't work."

She also seems to have a hard time coming across any love connections through her many friends.

"None of my friends ever set me up!" she lamented. "I think I have the same old friends for so long, were all in such a rhythm, we don't even think like that."

While she remains single, and very busy, Barrymore understands the importance of prioritizing her time with her daughters, 5-year-old Olive and 4-year-old Frankie, whom she shares with Kopleman.

However, Barrymore said working moms like her often forget to take the opportunity to "put a little bit [of time and effort] into ourselves," but that "the tiniest little bit of concealer… can make such a difference in your self-confidence."

"So even one minute or 30 seconds, can just sort of boost your self-esteem, and it's important to remember to take that time to do that," Barrymore shared.

It's in the spirit of self-actualizing that Barrymore has developed her Flower Beauty line of cosmetics, which she was promoting at the annual beauty product convention.

"We have our warrior line [of mascara]… we have a great thing called pop fanatic coming out," Barrymore shared. "[We're] about timelessness, and being inclusive, and joy and [being an] all-ages party and everyone is invited… and I think we're really about telling stories."

She went on to explain that being a powerful, entrepreneurial woman has also given her young girls an example to live and grow by.

"I think that it's good for little girls to see that being self-employed, self-generated, self-inspired is a really important thing," she shared. "But to remember there is no I in team, you do nothing on your own and it really takes a village to accomplish anything."

The actress previously spoke about motherhood with ET back in March, where she dished on being with her precious children as much as possible.

“I'm just another mom on this planet, but I just spend every waking moment with them,” she said. “I wake up with them, I go to sleep with them, I have my weekends with them. There are a lot of days where I have off because I have an unorthodox schedule in my job, and I don’t go do things for myself. I just lean in with them."

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