Drew Barrymore Shares How the 'Queer Eye' Guys Helped Her Prepare to Re-Enter the Dating World (Exclusive)

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Drew Barrymore has never shied away from talking about her dating life, even if getting back into the dating scene has been difficult for the actress turned talk show host.

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with Barrymore about dating as a mother of two daughters and what it was like to have the Queer Eye guys help her get back out there.

"Things do not magically fall out of the sky onto your lap. We all got to get proactive in our lives and I have been apprehensive to ever do anything virtual, the dating apps. It has been as hard for me as it has been as hard for most people, but I am ready to have realizations about what is it that is going on in me and my life," Barrymore told ET. "Because maybe it's not about the apps or the state of the world. I would like to figure out my side of the street and things will fall into place after that."

"It was like The Drew Barrymore Show x Queer Eye x New York Times' Modern Love. I feel like this episode is sort of a love letter to what it is like to date in the modern world," Barrymore said of the guys getting her ready for her Zoom date with Top Chef's Sam Talbot.

"It was a Zoom date that takes place on the show because Sam is in Los Angeles and is unable to fly, and I am in New York and unable to fly, and I thought, 'Wow, that doesn't feel very romantic,' the 46-year-old Charlie's Angels actress explained. "And then I thought, 'Wow, this is exactly what most people are having to do,' because that is what is on the menu for most people."

While the process was healing for Barrymore, working with the Fab 5 was also fun.

"It was so fun," she gushed. "I had Jonathan [Van Ness] holding up, like, silly questions and naughty signs making me giggle. I had Tan [France] saying, 'Hey, I notice something over there,' like, ask him about that. I had Antoni [Porowski] tell me, 'You are doing a good job and I had Bobby going, 'Hey, I see plants and dogs, see how he is a caretaker,' it was, like, every person. I do feel like I was on their show."

It looks like the group's efforts paid off too, with Barrymore telling ET that she and Talbot have been communicating and have even talked about potentially meeting IRL.

"We have been texting," Barrymore revealed. "So, I mean, this just happened. We were bold enough to say, 'Should we meet in another forum?' And so, we're keeping communication alive, which is really exciting and that is perfectly enough for the moment, and I think we will figure out what our next step is."

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday for more of ET's interview with Barrymore and to The Drew Barrymore Show Thursday to see her team up with guys of Queer Eye for her date. Check here for local listings.


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