Drew Barrymore Shares the Workout Advice It Took Her 'Whole Life' to Finally Apply (Exclusive)

During this week's segment of 'Dear Drew,' which airs every Thursday on ET, the actress answers fan questions about beauty and fitness.

Drew Barrymore admits that it took her "whole life" to find a fitness routine that worked with her lifestyle.

During the latest edition of Dear Drew, which runs every Thursday on Entertainment Tonight, the 46-year-old actress answered questions from viewers about all things health, beauty and fitness. One question came from a fan who asked, "How do you find the drive to exercise each day?" 

Barrymore revealed her answer to ET's Nischelle Turner, admitting that she actually doesn't work out every day.

"The truth is, I don't find the inceinitivization to work out every day," The Drew Barrymore Show host explained. "My best advice is, [if] you don't feel like working out that day, that's OK. Maybe eat better that day. If you let it go for a couple days, get [back] on it for a couple days."

"You gotta find that balance, and it took me my whole life to get there," she continued. "And you hardly ever, if never, walk away from a workout going, 'That was a waste of time.' You always feel better."

A second fan asked Barrymore to reveal the best beauty hack that she's learned over years, and now can't live without.

"I have learned some very important rules about plucking eyebrows," the Flower Beauty founder replied. "First of all, wherever the hair is growing, you wanna pull in that direction. You are bound to have less ingrown hairs and avoid them altogether. Also, do not put makeup on right after fresh plucking. You've opened up those pores and you're kinda putting just dirty foundation in it."

Another question from this week's segment was an inquiry about makeup. "What is the easiest way to apply eyeliner"" the viewer asked, adding that they "don't have a steady hand."

Barrymore suggested using a creamy eye pencil. "No liquid anything," she explained. "You want something that you can move around with the tip of your pinky finger."

During last week's Dear Drew segment, Barrymore opened up about some of her most iconic movie roles over the years while answering fan questions.

"Dear Drew, which sequel would you rather make?" one fan asked. "Never Been Kissed or The Wedding Singer?"

"Oh that's so hard. Oh gosh, oh no, oh gosh, I'll just say, The Wedding Singer," Barrymore replied. "Because I feel like Adam [Sandler] and I are due for another movie."

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