Drew Barrymore Is Answering Fans' Dating and Parenting Questions on 'Dear Drew' (Exclusive)

The actress-turned-talk show host is taking on the role of 'Dear Abby' and answering fans' dilemmas on her program.

Drew Barrymore is answering fans' questions and dilemmas on Dear Drew. The segment, which will run Thursdays on ET, will give viewers the chance to ask The Drew Barrymore Show host anything. From dating and parenting to beauty and home hacks, Barrymore is bringing her honest advice and wisdom to the table.

In the very first segment of Dear Drew, the 46-year-old actress tackles one fan's excessive social media usage during the pandemic.

"Dear Drew, social media has been taking over my life during this pandemic," ET's Nischelle Turner reads. "How do I find the balance?"

Barrymore's advice? Stop the "doom scrolling."

"I think multiple check-ins throughout the day rather than, like, doom scrolling," she advises. "Maybe put a timer on for yourself, also you can turn off your social media apps and just use it as a phone. I also take, like, day-long breaks, or week-long breaks. Put it down and, like, walk away from it!"


The next question has the newly seasoned talk show host thinking back to the 2009 film He's Just Not That Into You.

"So what is the secret to dating in this crazy time that we are living in, and how can I find the one and avoid being catfished?" Turner reads. 

"You know, it's funny because I was not OK with dating apps and I was just nervous," Barrymore admits. "For me, I really like to pay attention to my gut instinct. If something is telling you 'go for it,' go for it. If something is telling you to run, run! That gut instinct is our best friend, it is our conscience and it is trying to push us and yet protect us all at the same time."

The last question comes from someone who is concerned about one of her mom friends trying to come off as the "cool mom."

"One of my mom friends is desperate to be a "cool mom" including embarrassing TikToks," Turner reads. "How do I tell her she needs to focus more on being a parent and less on being a girlfriend to her daughter?"

The mom of two has a strong response to this one.

"I am just going to say that your parent is not your friend, they're your parent," Barrymore firmly states. "And we should not be trying to be friends with our children. I'm never going to lie to my daughters about my journey, but my kids need to be able to rely on me as their mother and I am not their friend. They have plenty of friends out there. It's harder to be their parent, but it's the right choice."

For more Dear Drew, be sure to tune in every Thursday on ET. Check your local listings.