Dua Lipa Dishes on Dream Collab, Reveals Fourth ‘New Rule’ For Getting Over an Ex

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Dua Lipa’s got even more rules to count!

The 22-year-old singer covers Teen Vogue’slatest issue and opens up about everything from her dream collaboration -- Frank Ocean -- to her 2017 breakout hit, “New Rules.”

According to Lipa, the catchy pop anthem about cutting someone out of your life -- which topped the British charts and became the singer’s most successful track to date in the U.S. -- doesn’t necessarily have to be about an ex.

“It can be someone weighing you down if the situation is someone who’s really cramping your mood or making you feel bad,” she explains. “It just really depends on if that person is really toxic. One thing you’re really responsible for is the energy you surround yourself with.”

Since the release and subsequent success of “New Rules,” the London-born songstress has garnered a massive following on social media, so it’s no surprise that her fourth rule -- following “don’t pick up the phone,” “don’t let him in,” and “don’t be his friend” -- is technology-related.

“Quite frankly, block them on social media,” she notes.

As for the strong message of female empowerment in her songs, including “New Rules” and “IDGAF,” Lipa admits they’ve been misunderstood by some.

“A lot of men come up to me and say, ‘You really hate men, don’t you?’ That’s a total misconception,” she explains. “Some of the songs are unfiltered, and I don’t hold back… I wish I had a bit more of a filter, but it’s a big part of the music I put out.”

Still, the up-and-coming star isn’t shy about the strength she finds in sisterhood, noting, “It’s really important to take care of the girls around you and keep your friends close.”

As for what’s next, beyond her dream collab with Ocean, Lipa says she wants to continue being herself and making the music that’s important to her.

“I would love to keep doing this and keep being really honest,” she says. “I want to keep not being afraid of my own thoughts.”

See more on the best music of 2017 in the video below!


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