Dua Lipa's 'Break My Heart' Is the Stay-at-Home Anthem We All Need Right Now

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa/YouTube

The new pop single fits in perfectly in times of quarantine.

Need encouragement to stay in quarantine? Dua Lipa's got you! The 24-year-old British pop star released her new song, "Break My Heart," complete with an oddly foreshadowing music video on Thursday. 

In the chorus of the bop, Lipa sings, "I would've stayed at home/'Cause I was doing better alone/ But when you said, "Hello"/ I knew that was the end of it all/ I should've stayed at home/ 'Cause now there ain't no letting you go."

In the video, Lipa runs through the empty city streets, jumping on cars where people are sealed inside. She later leaves a party and is spotted sitting on an empty airplane looking around. 

As if that's not a strange-enough coincidence, Lipa tweeted that she made the video while suffering from a severe case of the flu. 

"BREAK MY HEART VIDEO IS YOURZ TO KEEP. Thank you to everyone that made this possible and worked so so hard during the crazy -8 degrees weather while also holding my hand through the worst flu of my life," she tweeted. 

Of course, a song urging people to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak when many are self-isolating, quarantining, and social distancing seems more than appropriate. It seems likely fans will be come up with plenty of TikToks matching Lipa's music video moves. 

Lipa recently spoke with Miley Cyrus about her own decision to stay at home. Watch the clip below for more: