‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson on Possibly Returning to Reality TV With Her Husband (Exclusive)

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Sadie Robertson isn’t ruling out a return to television -- the reality star even thinks some of the fun aspects of newlywed life would make for “good TV.

The 22-year-old Duck Dynasty star opened up about relishing married life to Christian Huff, how losing a friend to suicide inspired her new book and whether Duck Dynasty could ever return, while stopping by ET Live on Tuesday.

“I’m not going to say ‘never,’ because we would have never thought we would have a TV show in the first place,” she said. “It was crazy. But maybe one day. Everything’s changed though. Now I’m married, John Luke and Mary-Kate have a baby -- we grew three family members this year. So much life has happened that if we did it, it would look so different, so I don’t know.”

“And, I think right now, because we live in different places, it would be hard to have that [family-focused] element that made Duck Dynasty what it is,” Robertson added. “Once we’re all back in the same place, who knows? Maybe we’ll do a little family show.”

Robertson said she and Christian, who are marking their three-month wedding anniversary this week, aren’t opposed to the idea of opening up their marriage to reality television cameras.

The couple’s approach to parenting their new dog was one “very comical” thing she predicted would make great television -- along with their private version of TikTok.

In the meantime, Robertson feels like she has enough on her plate, like simply soaking up every second of newlywed life.

“It’s so great to now be married and have a partner doing this with me,” she gushed, as Christian watched from behind the cameras. “He’s in school, so he has his own stuff, but just to be there right beside me -- it’s amazing. It makes everything more fun.”

“Being a wife is so fun,” she added about the best part of her new title. “It’s honestly just fun to have a person -- wake up, go to sleep, do life together, share the stories together. It really does make everything more fun. And, we get to share in the crazy, so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming. It’s awesome.”

Robertson has also been busing launching her new book, Live, which she started writing two years ago with Beth Clark. She shared the deep meaning behind the book, revealing that she had actually set out to write a different book, about unity, but stopped when a friend’s husband committed suicide.

“It was so hard, so confusing, so sad, devastating, and then I realized the reality of how many people experience that a year and [know] somebody who made that decision,” she shared. “I was like, ‘People need to know their life matters.’”

“And I knew I wasn’t’ qualified to write the counselor version or the therapist [version],” she continued. “I know that’s needed and this [book] is not the answer, but this is a friend saying, ‘Your life has meaning and it’s so valuable and we want to celebrate you. Here’s how to live a better life and know that it’s a miracle that you’re living, through a faith-based lens.’”

While Robertson has previously released two books, she confessed that the popularity of those books made releasing her latest work more daunting, especially given its deeply-personal nature.

“It’s super vulnerable,” she said. “It’s like somebody reading your journal from the last 10 years. You can only get these messages when you’ve gone through it. The first one’s not as nerve-wracking because you’re like, ‘Oh is anyone going to read this?’ Then when they do, the pressure adds. It really matters. It only gets more nerve-wracking, but exciting.”

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