‘Dumb and Dumber’ Star Jim Carrey Crashes Jeff Daniels’ Interview: Watch the Funny Moment!

Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey

The co-stars and pals had a great time on Tuesday’s ‘Conan.’

Harry and Lloyd together again!

Jeff Daniels had a pleasant surprise during his Tuesday night appearance on Conan when his Dumb and Dumber co-star and real-life pal, Jim Carrey, made a secret cameo.

It all started when host Conan O’Brien asked Daniels, 63, if he knew how successful the beloved 1994 buddy comedy would be when he agreed to star in it.

“I was making a comedy with Jim Carrey, that’s what I knew – comedic genius,” he said. “We knew 14-year-old boys would love it, but I wasn’t prepared for the guys in their 70s with the tuxedo and the martini and the portfolio coming up and going, ‘Dumber and Dumber might be the best movie of all time.’”

Just then, Carrey, 56, came out, grinning at Daniels. He went in for a hug, which Daniels avoided before embracing his friend.

“I wanted to come out here and say it in front of the world. You’re in town and you don’t call me? Not an email, nothing!” Carrey quipped to Daniels.

But Carrey also had a sincere moment, praising The Newsroom star as being “the most versatile actor working today.”

Daniels brushed the compliments aside, noting, “You grab on to the tornado that is Jim Carrey and you hang on, and it was such a joy!”

“It was a blast, even the second one,” Carrey added of their 2014 sequel. “I had a great time on the second one. OK, so it wasn’t as ‘well received’ as the first one.”

“F**k them! We don’t care about that,” Daniels chimed in.

The two also talked about their instant chemistry. “When I saw him, there was a tingling in my groin,” Carrey joked. “As soon as we started reading together, it was a real relationship. Dustin Hoffman called me and he said, ‘That’s the most real relationship, buddy relationship, I’ve seen in movies in decades.’ And I went, ‘Get out of here, who’s this?’”

For more cast reunions, watch the clip below!