Dwayne Johnson Accepts His Razzie Award for ‘Baywatch’ With the Most Joy Ever: Watch

Dwayne Johnson at Jumanji premiere in London
Mike Marsland/WireImage

He seemed truly honored by the award.

Is The Rock the best sport ever? Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram over Oscars Sunday to celebrate a different type of award – his Razzie!

The 45-year-old actor recorded a video of himself accepting the… err… honor, proving he’s truly the greatest.

“Happy Oscars Sunday!” he began. “I’m super pumped and very proud for my buddies who’ve been nominated tonight, pulling for you guys to bring home the gold. I’m also excited because I was just informed that I too am bringing home the gold tonight. No, not an Oscar, maybe one day, but a Razzie.”

Johnson laughed while explaining that Razzies are given out annually to Hollywood’s worst movies and noted that he’d been given one for his summer flick Baywatch. Even with the Razzie under his belt, the action star managed to turn the negative into a positive, explaining that Baywatch had earned a special Razzie.

“Here’s the cool thing -- the movie was so bad, they actually had to create another category. I’m not kidding. The new category is ‘A Movie So Rotten You Eventually Fell in Love With It.’ Which means the s**t sandwich you’ve been eating is so bad that you eventually start to like it,” he said, grinning.

He also apologized for the flop, saying, “Look, we made Baywatch with the best of intentions. It didn’t work out like that, but I humbly and graciously accept my Razzie. I thank my critics. I thank my fans. At the end of the day ‘A Movie So Rotten You Eventually Fell in Love With It,’ that’s just the way love goes.”

Clearly Johnson isn’t letting the diss get him down. It’s been a big year for the actor. His film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is nearing $1 billion at the box office worldwide, and he’s set to release action flicks Rampage and Skyscraper this year in addition to his work on HBO’s Ballers.

This past December Johnson received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Watch the clip below to see the sweet moment!