Dwayne Johnson, Bruno Mars and Jason Momoa Voice Support to Protect Sacred Hawaiian Mountain

Dwayne Johnson
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The stars took to social media to defend the #ProtectMaunaKea protests.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Bruno Mars and Jason Momoa are showing their support for Hawaiian activists. 

Over the past few weeks, #ProtectMaunaKea has been trending on social media, and is part of an ongoing protest against the $1 billion Thirty Meter Telescope project. Activists have been protesting the construction of a giant telescope on Hawaii's tallest mountain, Mauna Kea, a battle that has been ongoing for years.

With Hawaii being Johnson's former home state, he was one of the first celebrities to use his platform to bring awareness to Mauna Kea and defend the ongoing protests.

The Hobbs & Shaw actor recently joined his fellow native Hawaiians on the Big Island in assembling a blockade at the Mauna Kea access road in an attempt to halt the construction of the Telescope on July 25.  

Johnson took the issue to Instagram, writing, "This is not about stopping the progress of science. I’ll always be an advocate for science advancement, but not at the expense of human beings who are hurting. When we lead with empathy, we make progress thru humanity."

Johnson also made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last Wednesday, where he discussed preserving the indigenous lands of Hawaii.

"There was some trust that was breached between [native Hawaiians] and the state and the people that are trying to build the telescope," he shared. "This mountain is their church, and it would be like building on their church."

"This is so much bigger than a telescope being built," he added. "This is humanity -- these are human beings whose hearts are hurting."

Another celebrity standing in solidarity with the people of Hawaii is Bruno Mars. The "Please Me" singer was born and raised in Hawaii until he moved to Los Angeles to pursue music. With the protests hitting home for him, he shared his support via Instagram.

"I love you Hawaii, and I'm with you," he wrote. "#protectmaunakea."

The latest to back Hawaii's anti-telescope protestors is Jason Momoa. Like Johnson and Mars, the Aquaman star also originally hails from Hawaii. The actor is currently in Hawaii visiting and meeting with locals, sharing plenty of pics and videos from his journey to his Instagram.

"KAPU ALOHA. Finally with my people," he captioned a series of pics. "So many things to come. We are United We are Mauna Kea Aloha nui j."

"TMT + MAUNA KEA = DESECRATION. The solution TMT + CANARY ISLANDS = DISCOVERY. If not Canary Islands. then tough s**t send it to space," he added in another post. "We support science. More importantly it's astronomy and we support that. Also considering we Polynesians have sailed our oceans guided by the stars. But this has to stop -- you can not build an 18 story building on our sacred mountain."

"If u can't build past 7 stories in Hilo or Kona then who decides and why the F**K would u build 18 on our mauna, shame on you," he continued. "Anyone who supports this shame on you. Have you not taken enough from the Kānaka Maoli."

Hear more on Momoa in the video below.