Dwayne Johnson Is Ready to 'Turn the Plane Around' If His Baby Is Born While He's Overseas (Exclusive)

The 45-year-old 'Rampage' star talked emergency baby plans as he tours overseas.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is ready.

With daughter number three expected to arrive any time in the next few weeks, he jokingly described a military-like plan to rush home if the baby starts coming while he's touring overseas to promote his new giant monster movie, Rampage.

"I have my security ready, we got exactly where we're going to go. We got the LAPD they're gonna shut down a couple of highways and we're going home," Johnson told ET's Nancy O'Dell. "Well, I'm only kidding, they're not gonna do that, but... I do have a plan and I'm ready to go."

Johnson, his amicable ex-wife, Danny Garcia, and their daughter, Simone Johnson, spoke to ET on Wednesday at the Hollywood premiere of Rampage. Mom-to-be Lauren Hashian fittingly stayed at home.

As part of his duties to promote the film, Johnson will be traveling to London and Shanghai in the next few weeks, prompting some concerns about the timing of the baby.

"Well, we have plan B's all set. I'm ready to pivot at any time," he said. "The baby was due on the 25th, so right now we're rolling the dice, but I'm ready to come back, believe me. The pilot is already ready to turn that plane around if things start to happen."

Garcia and Simone were 100 percent on-board with Johnson's plans. 

"You know what, they have an emergency plan and we support them. We say go, go," Garcia said.

Simone, 16, agreed, although she was a little less certain about the plans after the baby is born.

"Okay, if I'm being honest, babies are not really my thing," she laughed. "But I figured since they're gonna be so busy taking care of the babies, I'll just take care of the dog. That way I can help."

While his plan may be in place, there's one little thing still to be decided: Her daughter's name.

"Well there's two [names]," he told ET. "Yes. Possibly Tia. Tia's on the board!"

Rampage hits theaters April 13.

For more on Johnson's third daughter, watch the video below.



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