'DWTS': Hannah Brown, Kel Mitchell, Lauren Alaina and Ally Brooke Tease How They Plan to Win (Exclusive)


During Monday's season 28 finale, one celebrity and their pro partner will be crowned the mirrorball champion.

The competition is heating up on Dancing With the Stars!

Although everyone still in the running has a fair shot at victory, only one celebrity and their pro partner will be crowned mirrorball champions during the season 28 finale on Monday. ET was with the finalists for camera blocking on Sunday, where they teased what fans can expect from their final performances, along with how they're feeling just hours ahead of showtime and their strategies for winning the coveted trophy.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten are beyond excited, they shared, but also admitted that everything feels kind of "bittersweet" right now.

"I think at this point we just have to enjoy it," Hannah told ET's Lauren Zima. "My body hurts everywhere, so bad. His body hurts really bad, like, we're tired. But it's gonna be sad when this is it. So, we gotta bring the best!"

"There were moments where I was like, 'I don't know if I'm going to make it here,' but I did, and I know that I've put in all the work, and really I've progressed a lot too," she continued. "That's been really cool, to look back at where I started to where I am now."

Of making it to the finals, Alan (who has yet to win a mirrorball on the regular version of DWTS) said he "still can't believe it."

"I wake up, I'm like, 'Oh my God, all the hard work has paid off,'" he exclaimed. "You never know what to expect with the fans voting, you never know what happens, but Bachelor Nation has been amazing. We've got some new fans that are supporting us, and it's the most incredible feeling to be here."

Alan Bersten

During Monday's finale, each dance duo will be performing a Freestyle round, which will be their last chance to impress judges Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli before the results.

"I'm really happy with the dances we have this week. I feel like they showcase Hannah in the best way, and she really rises to the occasion," Alan teased. "Hannah has a really very intricate and fun routine for the freestyle. It's empowering, girl power and it's super strong. It's the Hannah Beast, but in an evolved way."

"Yeah, I feel like it's all that I've learned and kind of gained from the experiences that I've been through -- to, like, own the woman that I am, and to really be confident in that. And I think that's what this dance displays," added Hannah. "This experience has really tested my confidence and helped it in a lot of ways, but also put it to the test."

Alan said that although he feels like like any of the remaining dance duos "deserve" to win, he believes that Hannah "really put in that work."

"It would be the most incredible feeling [to win], I can't even picture what it is," he gushes. "Like, I can't even imagine what it's going to feel like if we are lucky enough to win."

Hannah agreed, telling ET, "I just want to hold the thing in the air and people have me up in the air."

"I feel like it would be such a full circle thing if I could have my happy ending here, with a trophy in my hand and celebrating together," the former Bachelorette star raved. "Wouldn't that be so awesome?"

Awesome indeed, and a feeling Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko shared similar sentiments about while manifesting a win for #TeamTonkyHonk.

"Alan won Juniors, OK? He won Juniors so he can chill for a second," Gleb joked, of Alan helping Sky Brown and JT Church take home the mirrorball in the all-kids spin-off series last October. "I've never won before, but I have a perfect partner. We've come so far. I'm so proud of Lauren, and I want to thank her for such hard work. She's done such an amazing job... something that not a lot of people can do."

"She came in here with no dance experience, put her hard work in, killed it and now we're in the finale!" he added. "Thank you, Lauren Alaina."

ABC/Eric McCandless

For their Freestyle, Lauren and Gleb will be dancing to Luke Bryan's "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)," which the country star couldn't be happier about.

"I feel great! I feel really excited," she shared. "I was nervous. I didn't know what we would do with the Freestyle, but it is literally the perfect dance for me. I'm like line dancing? Sure! Let's do it. Bring it."

"The dance is really, really good and showcases me perfectly," she continued. "Regardless of what happens, we're gonna have fun doing it and hopefully connect with a bunch of people. And I get to sing!"

Lauren is hoping she'll also get some extra support and love from Luke again. "He tweeted [to vote] for me on all his socials last week, so I have a feeling he'll do it again," she said. "Especially with his song. He's my buddy!"

As for Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson, their strategy is all about focus. Kel is confident in having Wit as his partner, seeing as she's the only female pro left standing. Plus, she already has a mirrorball in her posession, from when she won season 19 with Alfonso Ribeiro!

"We talked about this. I actually had a dream about [winning]," Kel shared. "Yeah, I saw WItney screaming with the mirrorball and I'm just like, 'OK, so that's the plan, lets get it.' I definitely had some visions. It was awesome."

"I think they're all pretty competitive, those guys really wanna win," Witney added, of Gleb, Alan and Sasha Farber. "I know that they're pulling out all the stops, so I'm definitely not gonna sit back and relax. I'm definitely gonna bring it too."

ABC/Eric McCandless

And Witney teased that she's feeling "pretty good" about #TeamDanceWitKel's Freestyle.

"Our freestyle is just really fun. Lots of people, lots of energy, it's something you guys have probably never seen before on this show," she shared. "Kel's bringing it!"

"Fast feet, I'll say that," her partner added. "A lot of energy, and I'm bringing a little bit of Chicago to the ballroom floor."

Regardless of whether Kel takes home the trophy, he said that doing DWTS was a life-changing experience he'll never forget.

"It's definitely changed me. It's given me a lot of confidence in doing something different that was very uncomfortable," he confessed. "Like, I've never done ballroom before, so to even see myself dancing afterwards when I watch the videos, it's like, 'Wow, I really did that.' It's really cool."

Last but certainly not least, Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber (who received two perfect scores during the semifinals) said that they are ready to go out with a bang with their Freestyle!

"Man, I just feel so incredible. And I'm beyond excited," Ally teased. "We want this to feel like a party where everybody's invited, and we're out there, like, baring it all, our souls, and having the time of our lives. Paying tribute to this amazing show, our amazing journey. And we're out there just literally celebrating every single second. And having a blast!"


"I've never won," added Sasha, "but I feel like I've already won with this one, because she's incredible. I've said before, it's weird we have never had an argument. We have never, for like 13 weeks. We're always on the same page, same dreams, same road and on the same drive, so it's been incredible."

"Even after we did our first run through of our Freestyle on stage, the energy from everyone, like, everything just feels right to us," he continued. "I feel like obviously, yes, it is about winning the mirrorball and this is like a huge dream, coming from Russia to Australia to America, to be on this show, like, I could never even dream of [that]. Now that I'm here with this one, though, personally I feel like I've already won. But it would mean everything, like everything if we could do it. And she deserves it!"

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