'DWTS' Week 8 Preview: Mirrorball Champ Rashad Jennings, Frankie Muniz & More Tease Trio Night Dances!


ET breaks down everything you need to know ahead of Monday's show!

It's week eight of Dancing With the Stars, and the competition is heating up!

As the six remaining contestants and their pro partners take the stage on Monday, they'll be tackling two dances in hopes of making it to the finals.

It's Trio Night, and ET's breaking down everything we can expect to see in the ballroom!

Who's on top of the leaderboard?
(Combined scores from individual performances and team dances)

1. Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson: 60/60
2. Tie! Drew Scott & Emma Slater, Victoria Arlen & Val Chmerkovskiy: 57/60
2. Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold: 54/60

Who's in danger of elimination?

Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke received the lowest combined score from the judges last week, 49/60, followed closely behind by Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas, who scored a total of 51 points.

What are the stars performing to for their INDIVIDUAL DANCES?

Drew Scott and Emma Slater
Waltz, "Both Sides Now (Torch Songs)" by Years & Years

Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson
Viennese Waltz, "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran

Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold
Quickstep, "Chuck Berry" by Pharrell Williams

Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas
Samba, "Morning Drums” by Gregor Salto

Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke
Charleston, "Bad Boy Good Man" by Tape Five (feat. Henrik Wager)
Victoria Arlen & Val Chmerkovskiy
Argentine Tango, "Down" by Marian Hill

What are the stars performing to for their TRIO DANCES, and who are they dancing with?

Drew & Emma + Rashad Jennings
Cha Cha, "Get Up Offa That Thing" by James Brown

Frankie & Witney + Alfonso Ribeiro
Jive, "Good Place" by Leo Soul

Jordan & Lindsay + Corbin Bleu
Salsa, "Que Viva La Vida" by Wisin

Lindsey & Mark + Kristi Yamaguchi
Jazz, "Let’s Face the Music and Dance" by Seth MacFarlane

Terrell & Cheryl + Kelly Monaco
Rumba, "Slow Hands" by Niall Horan
Victoria & Val + Laurie Hernandez
Jive, "Magic" by B.o.B (feat. Rivers Cuomo)

What can fans look forward to during Trio Night?

While we'll still have to wait for some surprises in the ballroom on Monday, a few of the dancing duos and special guests teased their upcoming routines while chatting with ET. Here's what they said:

Frankie Muniz is excited to be paired with one of his longtime friends!

"I've known Alfonso [Ribeiro] for, I don't know, 10 years?" he explained. "We've done a few races together, just a bunch of events... we play golf together and stuff. He's just a good guy and he's also an amazing dancer, so I'm really excited that we got paired with him."

"I'm also intimidated in a sense," he said of the season 19 champion. "Because I have to do jive next to him and he's really good. I know he's like me in the sense that he wants to work hard and he wants to make it the best it can be, so it'll be cool."

Frankie told us that he's actually seen Alfonso in the audience a few times during the competition, and has been taking his advice.

"I'm always so nervous, but last [week] I was extremely nervous for some reason. He was like, 'Dude, just breathe. You've got this,'" Frankie recalled. "He always brings it into racing analogy because he raced cars too and he was like, 'When you're going down the straightaway, and you get to turn one, you don't get scared, do you?' And I go, 'No.' Because if you do, you know what will happen? You'll mess up. You'll be slow."

"He always has the perfect [advice]," Frankie added.

Rashad Jennings has some expert advice for Drew Scott and the remaining contestants.

"​I am so excited to be back! It has been great being able to dance with Emma again, to take part in a trio dance with her and Drew, and to see everyone ​from the show once again," the former NFL pro teased, adding that their trio dance is "going to be lit."

"Rehearsals are hilarious! Drew and I instantly hit it off," he continued. "He's a very down to earth guy, and a workaholic like myself! Its no wonder #TeamHotProperty is doing so well."

As the season 24 mirrorball champion, Rashad certainly knows a thing or two about what it takes to make it to the finals. His advice for the contestants?

"​The closer you get to the end, the more fun you should try to have," he urged. "It's not easy to get to the end of the competition, so if you do, make it a celebration! It takes hard work and dedication. If the couples put in the hours and take the advice from the judges and from their partners and apply it, ​they will ​dramatically increase their chances of making it to the finale."

"Competition is stiff, but somebody's gotta win it," he added. "Might as well be you!"

Ahead of Monday's show, Rashad will be doing a Twitter takeover live from the DWTS set from his personal account at 11:15 am PT. Tune in HERE using the hashtag #AskRashad!

Val Chmerkovskiy is hoping Laurie Hernandez can teach Victoria Arlen "her winning ways."

"It doesn't get any better than that," he exclaimed. "Especially when I get to bring Laurie in the room to help Victoria out. We had a tough week [last] week, and I think I lost a little bit of perspective on what this show's all about. I just wanna get back to that. I wanna get back to celebrating Victoria and making it about her growth and fun and experience, and what better experience than having Laurie Hernandez come in and dance with us?"

Victoria seemed to be just as ecstatic about the pairing, telling ET,  "[Laurie] has an incredible energy."

"She's an incredible dancer and athlete," the former Paralympic swimmer added. "I'm just excited for her to come in with her energy and for the three of us to just go out there and light up the ballroom."

Lindsay Arnold says the dance she created for Jordan Fisher and Corbin Bleu has "a lot of tricks being thrown around."

"So freakin' excited," the dance pro marveled. "They are going to kill it together. I cannot wait to get into the room with both of them and just see what we can do."

"It's going to be awesome," Jordan promised.

Mark Ballas is excited for his first Trio Night with returning contestants.

"It is going to be interesting, [I] have never done this [on DWTS]," he said. "So, this is going to be a trip. But it should be fun. Yeah, I am excited."

"I'm so freaking excited that I get to dance with the one and only @kristiyamaguchi this week," Lindsey later said on Twitter. "I'm such a fan of her. She's a legend."

Terrell Owens has "a lot on his plate" as he'll tackle a dance with two best friends.

While speaking with ET, Cheryl explained that Kelly Monaco has been one of her closest pals ever since they met through the competition show years ago.

"[We've got] two strong personalities, now three, so if anything, I'm just a little scared I'm going to lose Kelly as a friend because she hasn't seen me in the workplace," Cheryl joked. "She has, but I'm for real. She thinks she laughs at me, but I'm like, 'No, no, no.'"

"I'm going to be full on with her too, because she can't make us look bad," Cheryl added. "She better dust off that mirrorball from season one, just saying."

Social media teases.

Below, see more of the best moments that the dancing duos have shared over social media as they gear up to take the stage to perform again on Monday:

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